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Unique and Creative Side Table Designs

Image source: Bell Glass Side Table


The Bell glass side table is a Handcrafted side table. On the other hand, the coffee table has a hand-blown glass base in various colors with a metal top frame in solid brass with clear varnish. The round crystal glass tabletop was black lacquered. It comes in three colors: blue, amber, and gray. Furthermore, it has a dimension of 75 cm width x 75 cm depth and 37 cm height.  As shown in the image, we can see that this table has a unique style because it looks like an inverted giant wine glass. It serves not just as a simple table but also adds beauty to our home because of its unique, elegant, and beautiful design.

Image source: Reece Side Table


Reece Side Table is a combination of wood and stone/ glass. It has a sintered stone/ glass top and the bottom is made up of wood + wood veneer. The table has a set of two sizes, small and large. The small one has a color of White Stone Top and Dark Wood base has a dimension of 330mm x 410mm x450mm(H). On the other hand, the large size has a dark glass top and light wood base and a dimension of 59mmm x 450mm x 530mm(H). As shown in the image it is unique because it looks like a stand-tall chopping board.

Image source: Salute Side Table


Salute makes a striking gesture that certainly elevates the notion of personal service. This table stands at the ready-to-hold of a book, a tablet computer, or a glass of something special, right by the side of a favorite cozy armchair. The Rising German design star Sebastian Herkner juxtaposes a solid marble column with a crisply contemporary round tabletop that appears to be inset. I The countertop is made of titanium stainless steel and has natural stone pillar pier feet. It has a dimension of 500 mm width and 550 mm height. Its feet have two colors white and black color. It is unique because it looks like a candle stand.

In addition, Small but impressive, side coffee tables are essential elements to furnish the living yet are perfectly adaptable to every space. Clean and elegant shapes, rounded or glass edges, and plays of colors create extraordinary design tables perfect for magazines, tiny objects, or, more simply, for a coffee with a friend. Also, Tables are the one thing that spans across all the areas of our house; they can be in the living room, in the bedroom, in the dining area, or at any part of our place.

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