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Main Source: Recycling beer barrel bed design

Beer Barrel Bed design as we can see in the image it is made up of wood with an oval like shape bed. When your inside of this bed your like inside in a giant beer barrel but as a reminder we must watch our head. This bed make us feel safety and comfortable as well as it can occupy a little space in our bedroom. It is unique because usually bed is in rectangular form but this kind of bed design it feels us like we are inside in a little cave and it also make us feel secure. From wooden barrel it was transformed into comfortable bed.

Main source: Pirate Ship Bedroom

Pirate Ship Bedroom is designed by Steve Kuhl for a six year old boy. The room is equipped with a bridge that connects to the ship. It is made up of wood with a wooden varnish color. It consists of bridge, rope and ship. You can quickly escape by climbing the rope into the closet below. This bed is really amazing. It will give us fun and excitement and it makes us feel like a pirate.  

Main Source: Spaceship Bed design

Falcon Bed Frame Soft Frame Designs Star Wars 18mm Millenium All Cnc Part Desk PlyWood Cnc Laser File Kid Room Space Ship Concept Nursery is made up of Birch Plywood with 18 mm thickness. It is ideal for kids and it brings them to the outer space as they sleep to their bedroom. This kind of bed design really gives fun and excitement.

Main Source: Aquarium Bed

Aquarium Bed as shown in the image it has an aquarium headboard. It is 650 gallon aquarium is completely custom made to give our bedroom a one of a kind aquatic look and that make it unique. This bed is pretty cool, amazing and refreshing. It makes us feel like we are in the sea together with the fish. In this kind of bed room it will really make us feel better and bring us to fantasy.

Moreover, It is undeniable that bedroom is our favorite part of our home where we can relax, embrace our love ones or being alone so it is important to have a unique bedroom furniture design as it can change our mood, and encourage us to be brave and more adventurous.


Recycling beer barrel bed design

Pirate Ship Bedroom

Spaceship Bed design

Aquarium Bed


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