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Elegant and Unique Sofa Designs

Main Source: Natuzzi Infinito sofa


Natuzzi Infinito Sofa is designed by an Italian sculptor Marcantonio Raimondi. It has a dark grey color and Natuzzi’s unique Byborre 3D fabric and has a width of 118 inches by 32 inches height and 95 inches depth. The sofa has an infinity shape that makes it unique compare to the typical style of sofa and perfect as a centerpiece or as a corner seat. Moreover, Infinito came into being thanks to the idea of cross-pollination and it has been rewarded with the EPDA Award 2021, Home Interior Products/ Interior Furniture Category.

Main Source: Timeless sofa


Timeless, designed by Lorenza Bozzoli, is a modular sofa with curved open end – black leather which, with its rounded and elegantly asymmetrical design, seems to open like a flower. It is an image of freedom and rebirth that the designer manages to capture and fix. The sofa has a dimension of 344 cm width, 83 cm height, and 150 cm depth and has a maximum weight load of about 110 kg.

In addition, Siena is the name of the leather used as a cover for timeless sofas. This leather is pure aniline. The thickness is from 1, 3 – 1, 5 mm. It is soft and full-hand and has a waxy and semi-glossy look. This leather has a very compact fiber structure and smooth look because it was vacuum dried during the tanning process. Its leather is made for customers who want exclusive covering and timeless elegance

Main Source: Dorian


Dorian is a modular corner sofa with open end – dark blue leather. It is designed by Manzoni and Tapinassi. it is unique because its comfort–centric and time-defying design meets extreme modularity and extraordinary versatility. It has a dimension of 348 cm width, 79 cm height, and 248 cm depth and has a maximum weight load of 110 kg. Misterbianco is the name of the leather that is used as a cover for this sofa. This leather is lightly finished for color, with a thickness of 1.8 to 2.0 mm and a very large, irregular grain which particularly gives full- a bodied feel and a great look. It has a dark blue color and metal material for its feet.

Moreover, sofa is a timeless piece that becomes the focal point of our houses and with a unique and quality sofa can add beauty and value to our places. Natuzzi Italia produces upholstered furniture made in Italy and manufactured handmade by their expert craftsmen and furnishings produced by their international selected suppliers. They blend design, functions, materials and colors to create harmonious living.


Natuzzi Infinito Sofa

 Timeless sofa


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