Amazing Ceiling Light Creative Design


Main Source: Creative Iron Gold Ceiling Light

Creative Iron Gold Ceiling Light has gold lampshade color, light source is LED 3000K and body material is composed of Iron and Acrylic. It has black and gold color and has a size detail of 150 cm by 52 cm height. As we can see in the image it look like a moon chandelier and has a unique design compare to the typical design of ceiling light. It looks simple but very creative and elegant.  


Main Source: Peacock Chandelier Hanging Suspension Lamp

Peacock Chandelier Hanging Suspension Lamp is look like an inverted Christmas tree which makes it unique. It has pendant lamp and iron and glass materials. It consist of three sizes the small which has four layers and has a dimension of D600*H500, medium which has five layers and a dimension of D800*H550 and large which has 6 layers and a dimension of D1000*H620. It also has a gold by plating, clear, gold and white finish color. Ideal for dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, bars, restaurants, study rooms, aisles, corridors, and coffee shops.


Main Source: Garland Pendant Light

Garland Pendant Light is look like a coconut fruit with a variety of color. It has grey, white, and rainbow finish colors which consist of white, sky blue, peach and orange. It has a dimension of D600*H300mm, D900*H300mm, D900*H300mm, and D900*H300mm. it also consist of pendant lamp, iron, glass and acrylic materials.


Main Source: Nordic Luxury Glass Globe Pendant

Nordic Luxury Glass Globe Pendant from the name itself luxury glass globe which make it unique and looks like expensive. It has a grey, frosted and clear finish color which makes it looks more elegant and beautiful. It has three dimensions the D600mm which consist of 18 heads, D800mm with 25 heads and D1000mm which also has 25 heads. It also has a G9 Light source bulb base and a pendant lamp, iron and glass materials.

Moreover, with their pure and elegant lines, the ceiling lamps conquer us for their ability to illuminate and decorate any space with an elegance that does not go unnoticed. They are in fact perfect for any environment, from the kitchen to the living room, from the bedroom to the study room. Also it is essential to our places because it helps to improve our mood and creating a warm and bright ambiance.

In addition, in homeu collection we will find fascinating ceiling chandeliers, led lamps and ceiling lights that will give our home a sophisticated, exclusive and surprising look.                                      


Homeu Surface Mounted Light

G9 Light source bulb base

Nordic Luxury Glass Globe Pendant

Garland Pendant Light

Creative Iron Gold Ceiling Light

Peacock Chandelier Hanging Suspension Lamp


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