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How Tall is Shinpei Ajiro in the Summer Time Rendering?

Name of the CharacterHeight
Shinpei Ajiro~ 5 feet and 7.4 inches


Shinpei Ajiro is shown to be a clever and strategic high school student. As described in Ark Fandom, he is a seventeen-year-old boy with medium-length black hair (which he usually keeps tied back) and heterochromatic blue eyes. He usually wears a white shirt and blue shorts. He is also calm, protective, and determined to keep the people close to him safe. In addition, he returned to his hometown of Hiroshima for the first time in two years to attend the funeral of his childhood friend, Ushio Kofune. After losing his parents at an early age he grew up in the Kofune family. He has been close to Ushio Kofune and Mio Kofune because he treated them as his true family but sometimes he has a habit of looking down his himself because of his situation.

Moreover, aside from knowing his personality and appearance, we need also to look for his height and we can use his age as a reference. His fandom images show that Shinpei Ajero has an average height and we could say that Shinpei’s height is about 5 feet and 7.4 inches tall is the average height of the Japanese according to world feed.


Fandom – Shinpei Ajiro

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Ushio Kofune         

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