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How Tall is Josee in the Josee, the Tiger and the Fish?

Name of the CharacterHeight
Josee – Kumiko Yamamura~ 4 feet and 11.9 inches


Josee is the titular protagonist in Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish. As described in Ark Fandom, she is a 24-year-old disabled girl and has fair-skinned wavy shoulder-length light-brown hair that is usually seen loose. Her eyes are large and their irises have a pink-purple, which are rather thick upper eyelashes. She appears to have a very stuck-up, mean, and defensive demeanor, even toward people she loves. In addition, with her appearance and personality, we need also to look further to find out her height. We can compare her to others or use her age as our reference to find out.

Moreover, Josee is unable to walk and always rides in her wheelchair because of her paraplegic condition wherein she cannot move the lower part of her body and her growth might be affected. She is sometimes being cold and ruthless towards others because of her condition, but despite of that, she is actually a young woman exploding with dreams and strong emotions of love and empathy inside, which she decides to hold back from acting on, as she used to think her condition would not allow her to be able to fulfill any of her desires, such as experiencing the outside world or going to the beach and swim like a mermaid.

Furthermore, in this youtube video, we can see that Josee looks very short compared to Tsuneo Suzukawa. Tsuneo is the caregiver of Josee, and in his Fandom description, it is stated there that he is tall and slim. Considering Tsuneo’s height is an average height of a Japanese male which usually measures 5 feet and 7.4 inches according to world feed, we could probably say that Josee’s height is about 4 feet and 11.9 inches tall as she is measured below Tsuneo’s shoulder.


Fandom Josee – Kumiko Yamamura

Josee, the Tiger and the Fish

youtube vedio                         


Fandom Tsuneo Suzukawa

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