How Tall is Eden of the Insect Land?

Name of the CharacterHeight
Eden~ 1.1 inches


Eden is one of the characters of the anime Insect Land. As described in Fandom, She is a female bug that has a green hair worn in up due and blue eyes and wears a light green dress. She is also known for being gentle and eloquent lady who loves reading books.

Moreover, Insect land is follows about the cute daily lives of insects and it allows children to learn about the ecology of various bugs. In addition, Eden is a cabbage butterfly type of insect and usually they measure about 6.5 cm across the wings and the female cabbage butterfly is usually bigger compare to a male cabbage butterfly according to e-courses-online. Also, from Britannica, it states that usually insect are small. In this point of view, we can use this as our reference to estimate Eden’s height in Insect Land.

Furthermore, in this YouTube video it clearly shows that Eden is smaller compare to the leaves and other things that surround her.

Lastly we can probably say that Eden’s height is about 1.1 inches tall.


Fandom Eden

Insect Land





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