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How Tall are the Main Characters of the xxxHolic?

Name of the CharactersHeights
Yuko Ichihara~ 6 ft
Kimihiro Watanuki~ 5 ft & 10 in
Motona Modoki (Black & White)~ 10 in


The xxxHolic anime series has 4 main characters based on the list on Fandom and they are both humans and animals. Moreover, the characters’ heights were not mentioned on their fandom only their ages. So, we have estimated the main characters’ heights on xxxHolic to give more information about them. In estimating their heights, we have based them on the description of the characters as well as the images and videos from any websites where we can watch them. Also, we compare their heights to objects or things around them especially those who have standard heights. So, the analysis of the main characters’ heights is written below.


Firstly, Yuko is the female protagonist of the xxxHolic Anime Series. According to xxxHolic Fandom, she is a tall, slender woman with pale skin and black hair down to the back of her knees. Although it was mentioned that she is tall, there is no specific measurement as to how tall she really is. So, we need to look for a reference on her height.Based on the IMDb’s image, Yuko is taller than the boys together with her in a room. So, we can conclude that she is taller than an average height of man.  Moreover, the anime series is based in Japan so we could also use the height of Japanese people to infer the height of Yuku.

Furthermore, according to WorldFeedz, the Japanese man has an average height of 5 feet and 7.4 inches so we expect Yuku’s height to be more than that measurement. Going back to IMDb’s image, we can see that she is taller than the two boys who have an average height and more than the average height of Japanese men.Therefore, we could say that Yuku’s height is probably 6 feet since she really looks taller than most of the men she encounters based on her images.


Secondly, we have the character of Watanuki. Watanuki means “April 1st” in kanji and is a reference to the old tradition of removing the kimono to keep children from suffering from diseases according to xxxHolic Fandom.

On the other hand, Watanuki is shorter than Yuku based on this YouTube video clip. So, we estimated his height to be 5 feet and 10 inches. Moreover, he was still in high school so, we could say that he will grow when he becomes older.

MOKONA MODOKI (Black & White)

Thirdly, we have Mokona Modoki is the name given to the two rabbit-like creatures. The black Mokona is nicknamed as Larg while the white Mokona is Seoul according to their fandom. Moreover, you can confirm based on this YouTube video that they really look like a rabbit but not really a rabbit, they are more likely to be Pokemon.

On the other hand, we can estimate their heights based on the rabbits but not totally the same as the rabbit’s height. According to AREW, the average height of a rabbit is 1 foot or 12 inches. However, Mokona Modoki are quite shorter than the average height of a rabbit so they are probably 10 inches tall. They are more likely to have a height of the human head.


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