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How Tall are the Characters of The Eminence in Shadow?

Name of the CharactersHeights
Cid Kagenō~ 5 ft & 2 in
Rose Oriana~ 5 ft & 1 in
Alexia Midgar~ 5 ft
Akane Nishino~ 5 ft & 1 in
Annerose Nichtsehen~ 5 ft & 1 in
Sherry Barnett~ 5 ft & 2 in


The characters of The Eminence in Shadow have their information in The Eminence in Shadow Fandom but their heights there are unknown. So, we have estimated their heights based on their appearances as described and as seen on YouTube or other websites where you can watch the episodes. Here are the list of the characters and the analyses of their heights


Firstly, Cid Kageno is the main protagonist of The Eminence in Shadow Anime Series. Interestingly, he is formerly named Minoru Kageno but he died. However, he reincarnated as the leader of the secret organization Shadow Garden under the moniker Shadow, which he founded to live his chūnibyō fantasies, unaware that his imaginary enemies exist as stated in The Eminence in Shadow Fandom.

On the other hand, as interesting as his emergence is his height. His fandom did not mention his height, so we estimated it based on his images and comparison with other characters. Based on this YouTube episode, it seems that he is taller than most of the girls in the school but he has a friend also taller than him. So, we could say that he has an average height of a teenager guy since he is 15 or 16 years old based on The Eminence in Shadow Fandom.Lastly, Cid’s height can be estimated to be 5 feet and 2 inches tall according to Live Japan same as the average height of Japanese teenagers.


Secondly, we have the character of Rose, she is a beautiful young woman with an athletic figure and a noticeable bosom according to her fandom. Moreover, she is also a friend of Cid Kageno. As you have noticed on this YouTube video clip, she was acting that she was falling in love with Cid Kageno so she went together always in this episode. On the other hand, you can also noticed that she is shorter than Cid Kageno while they were walking since they were having a date at that time. So, we can estimate her height to be 5 feet and 1 inch tall since it looks like she is an inch shorter than Cid.


Next, we have the presence of Alexia, she is a pretty young girl with red eyes and long silver hair that is tied like pig tails using a large black bow as stated on her fandom. On her fandom, they haven’t written any measurement on her heights but only stated as unknown. So, we have estimated her height using this YouTube video when Cid Kageno confessed her feelings for her. At that moment, you can see that they were standing beside each other, and you can also notice that Alexia is shorter than Cid. With that observation, we can tell that Alexia is probably 5 feet tall since it looks like she is two inches shorter than Cid Kageno.


Then, we also have the character named Akane. She was noted to be a beautiful teenage girl with black hair and eyes and she wore the standard white school coat, shirt, skirt, stocking, and bow tie based on her fandom. Also, in this YouTube video clip, you can notice her talking with Cid Kageno at school and this was after, she was saved by him from kidnapper. Based on the video, we can tell that Akane is about an inch shorter than Cid, so she has a height of 5 feet and 1 inch approximately.


Also, we have the unique character of Annerose. She is is a strong swordswoman, hailing from the Vegalta Empire and she is s a beautiful woman with blue hair with a slim built as written on her fandom. Moreover, based on this YouTube video, she looks like a small girl when he meets a man whom she admired. Also, the man looks taller, and he is more likely to have an approximate height of 5 feet and 6 inches. However, she is probably 4 inches shorter than this tall guy so, we could say that Annerose is only 5 feet and 1 inches tall approximately.


Lastly, we have a student of Midgar Royal Spellsword Academy named Sherry. According to her fandom, she is a cute girl of moderate height. Also, she has short, pink hair with a lock of hair sticking on top and pink eyes. In this YouTube video clip, you can see Sherry to be so mad at Cid because she had seen how her father was killed by him. On the other hand, as Cid passed by her, you can observe that she has the same height as him. So, she is probably 5 feet and 2 inches tall too.


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