Titanium vs Hydraulic Press – How Strong is the Titanium and Can it Withstand the Hydraulic Press?

Titanium is known to be one of the best metals used in the metal industry. According to Thermo Fisher Science, the titanium holds the same strength as steel but it is 45% lighter.

Let’s see how this thing holds up when placed under a hydraulic press.

Below is an image of the titanium being put on the hydraulic press. The image was taken from this Youtube Video.

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To cut it short, the answer is no.

The titanium could only withstand the hydraulic press on a certain pressure threshold, if the hydraulic press goes too strong, the titanium starts to bend.

C:\Users\User\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (134).png

It is important to note that the size and shape of the Titanium is a very big factor to the amount of weight or pressure it can sustain.

In the photo above, the titanium was cylinder shaped and it was placed horizontally, this affects the object’s maximum pressure threshold, so therefore it only resisted at around 9000kg before it started to crumple.

C:\Users\User\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (135).png

In this other Youtube World’s *STRONGEST* Objects vs Hydraulic Press! (CRAZY) Video, a small box shaped titanium object was placed under a hydraulic press and it was able to withstand around 70000kg of weight pressure before it started to totally bend.


Youtube World’s *STRONGEST* Objects vs Hydraulic Press! (CRAZY) Video

According to Thermo Fisher Science



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