Hydraulic Press vs Marble – What Happens When You Put Marble Under a Hydraulic Press?

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Are you curious what would happen if we put a marble under a hydraulic press? Would it break? Would it resist? Or would it shatter?

Keep reading to find out.

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All photos used in this article were taken from this Youtube Video by Mechanical Principle.

As you may have known, when the marble is put under the heavy weight of the machine, it basically shatters in all direction.


Being made out of glass, this shouldn’t be too surprising. The marble did not really offer up strong resistance against the pressing weight. Assuming that our theory is correct, when the press starts to put weight on the marble, the fragile nature of the material couldn’t contain the weight being distributed, so a fracture must have had eventually opened allowing a leak of energy to burst out and cause the marble to shatter. This is especially true among other materials formed in a sphere shape. You can also observe a diamond getting shattered in the same manner here in this Youtube Video by Hydraulic Press VS. If you are interested in knowing more theories about why the marble shatters, you can check out a discussion on the Physics Stack Exchange Forum which tackled the shattering effect the materials had when put under pressure.


Youtube Video by Hydraulic Press VS

Youtube Video by Mechanical Principle

Physics Stack Exchange Forum


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