How Tall Is Fushi of the To Your Eternity?

Image Source: Fandom

Name of the CharacterHeight
Fushi~ 6 ft


Fushi’s life is quite interesting because he is actually an immortal being. He begins his life as an orb and then becomes a rock, then a wolf, and finally, a boy as stated on Fandom. Moreover, Fushi’s fandom mentioned his unique ability to mimic the form of anything that has provided him with sufficient stimuli.

On the other hand, we will estimate his height based on his human form. As mentioned in his fandom, he is 233 years old according to Kohaku while other books would tell that he is 800 years old. But his age could not be the reference so we should consider how he looks on the images from To Your Eternity and other websites. Moreover, based on the trailer on IMDb, he has a gray wolf companion with him which can also be the reference point for his height. It seems like the height of the wolf is on his hips level.

Furthermore, according to Answers, the gray wolf has a height of 2 feet tall. So, we could consider Fushi’s height to be three times the height of the wolf considering that it is only his hips level. Then, probably, Fushi is 6 feet tall.



Fushi’s fandom

To Your Eternity




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