How Tall is Ares from Rune Factory 5?

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By observing Ares using several gameplay videos on Youtube (harvestmooncrazyfan and korbiiegg), we were able to have an idea that Ares should be relatively short. This is also confirmed in several posts made by fans on Reddit (Reddit 1 and Reddit 2).

Ares should fall on the same height scale as the average male height in the game, and so we cannot give him a height of any lower than 5’5. We have an idea that Ares may very likely fall around the height of 5 feet and 6 inches. This is heavily influenced by what we have read from the fan discussions on Reddit.

By observing Ares again in the video playthroughs, scaling him next to the surrounding environment seems to support the same idea that he is around 5’6 tall. The conclusion and the proving points are pretty solid so therefore we didn’t bother trying to make a height scale based on any object reference points. However, take note that there is yet to be any official height data for Ares (like many other characters), the height data we have in this article should be considered only as an estimated height for Ares.


harvestmooncrazyfan – Rune Factory 5: Time for a Check Up-Ares (Random Event)

korbiiegg – Rune Factory 5 【Martin】 Romance Stories, Special Dates, Wedding etc (Ares version, JP Voice)

Reddit 1 – RF5 Protagonists & Bachelor/ettes’ Height chart (Roughly)

Reddit 2 – The height differences in this game have me (woozy face emoji)


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