How Tall is the Main Character in 35mm?

Character NameHeight
Traveler (player character)~5’10


Considering that the character goes unnamed in the game, we shall refer to him as “Traveler”. His height was estimated by observing the cinematic cut-scenes in the game; we can view this on Youtube. Since there is a lack of available object to be used as reference points, we can only measure the character’s height by scaling him next to other male character. Our observations has led us to believe that the player character has the same height as his traveller buddy, especially evident in the frame [7:06] within the video. And also, both the traveller and his buddy has roughly the same height as most of the other male characters as observed during the timeframe [9:14]. This hints us that both the traveller and his buddy should be relatively close to the Russian male height average. The average height for a Russian male, in the latest study (2023), is 5 feet and 10 inches, this was mentioned in this World Population Review article.

So therefore, we come to the conclusion that the Traveler (player character) in the game should be around 5’10 tall.

However, it is important for us to know that one important idea may contradict with our conclusion.

First is that the game is set in a “post-apocalyptic” environment, indicating that nutrition must have been lacking in many ways, therefore the average may be lower than what was calculated. And also, the time period in the game is not available, which is pretty important since the time period and the average height are highly correlated.



World Population Review article


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