How Tall is Setsu from Gnosia?

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Setsu has a non-binary gender, but we will be using the “her” pronoun for her. Setsu’s height was estimated by observing the scale difference between her and Gina, another character in the game.

According to the Gnosia Fandom, Gina’s height is 163cm (5’4). This information was originally derived by the Fandom from this My Voice Our Heartbeat posted by an unnamed user on Tumblr. This height also sounds pretty accurate since Gina’s character nationality is Korean, and female Koreans have a height average of around 160.

The image below shows Setsu in the middle of the frame (appearance: Girl with Blonde hair wearing Skyblue outfit).


By using the game main menu screen image (photo available in one Techraptor article) as a reference, we found out that Gina is slightly taller compared to Setsu. Our observation led us to believe that Setsu’s height matches Gina’s forehead height. By using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool as a tool for visualizing their height difference, we figured out Setsu’s height should be somewhere around 158cm. 


Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool


My Voice Our Heartbeat

Gnosia Fandom


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