How Tall is Leysha from VTM Swansong?

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Leysha’s height was estimated by observing her in her Character Trailer Video on Youtube. At around [1:37] in the video, we can see a frame where Leysha is walking inside a building and on the left side of the panel we can see a large horizontally stretch cabinet. This cabinet appears to stand on the same height level as a table or a counter desk, therefore we shall use the same height dimensions as the Cape Desk listed on Dimensions. The cape desk will have a total height of 76.2cm, but the cabinet should be more than that since it has legs, the legs probably adds around 10cm to the height of the cabinet. 

A visual height scale observation was done using Hikaku Sitatter, comparing both the maximum height of the object and the height of Leysha. The results point out that the object’s maximum height is in par with Leysha waistline height. If this is the case, then Leysha should measure somewhere around 152cm.

This conclusion was also shortly re-observe at the timeframe [1:14] where we can see Leysha stand beside a male doctor. Our observations pointed out that 152cm as height for Leysha sounds very probable.


Character Trailer Video on Youtube



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