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How Tall is Jaxon from Soundfall?

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For this estimate, Jaxson’s height was taken by scaling him next to Melody. But first, we had to make an estimate of Melody’s height. Melody’s height was estimated by scaling her next to a chair. The frame can be seen at [0:01] in this Youtube Soundfall All Cutscene Cinematic Video by Nig Sparrow. In the frame we can see Melody stand right beside a certain kind of chair. We will need to find a reference for the height of the chair.

The chair appears to be a type of office chair called “Lino chair”, its dimensions are listed on Dimensions. The chair has an overall maximum height of 44 inches. 

The chair’s total height seems to be on the same height level as Melody’s stomach. By using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart Tool, we were able to come up with the idea that Melody may have a standing estimated height of around 165 centimetres (5’5).

Now that we have Melody’s height, let us scale her next to Jackson using this dialogue frame below, taken from the game trailer.


It appears that Melody’s maximum height matches Jaxon’s eyebrow height. By using Hikaku Sitatter, we figured out that Jaxon should be around 175cm (5’9) tall.


Youtube Soundfall All Cutscene Cinematic Video by Nig Sparrow


Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart Tool


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