How Tall is Irene from The Sealed Ampoule?

Character NameHeight
Irene~4ft 8.3in


Due to the lack of environmental reference points, the height value in this article must be considered as a rough height estimate. Irene’s height was calculated by scaling her next to the shovel she uses in the game. This can be observed in this Youtube The Sealed Ampoule Game Review by Noisy Pixels Video.

Assuming that the shovel follows the standard shovel size (1.2m or 48 inches) mentioned on Wonkee Donkee Tools, Irene then should be around 143cm (4 ft and 8.3 inches) tall. We had this conclusion after visualizing the scale difference between Irene and the shovel using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool with reference data derived from the Youtube Video. In our analysis, we found out that the shovel takes up around 85% of Irene’s maximum height.

With this idea, we create an equation [ x(.85)= 121.9 ] where x is Irene’s height, and 121.9 is the centimeters (48 inches) corresponding the shovel’s height. This gives us an idea that Irene should be around 143cm or 4ft 8.3in tall, this is again observe using the Hikaku Sitatter tool and we found it to be a very sound conclusion.


Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool

Wonkee Donkee Tools

Youtube The Sealed Ampoule Game Review by Noisy Pixels Video


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