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How Tall is Willy Morgan from Willy Morgan and The Curse of Bone Town?

Character NameHeight
Willy Morgan~4’10


Willy Morgan’s height was estimated by scaling him next to a door in this Youtube Video Willy Morgan Announcement Trailer. At [0:27] in the video, we can see Willy stand in front of a house front door. Assuming that the door follows the standard height mentioned on Thompson Creek, then the door should have a height of 80 inches.

By scaling Willy next to the door, it appears that he takes up around 70 to 75% of the doors height. We will be using the midpoint which is 72.5% as basis for Willy’s estimate height. If the door is 80 inches tall and Willy Morgan takes up around 72.5% of the door’s height, then Willy should be around the height of 58 inches or 4 feet and 10 inches.

This observation and estimate should be pretty sound since at [0:34] in the game trailer video, we can see a grown man in the background, he scales far way taller compared to Willy, so Willy being 4’10 is not too far off from being his real height. What’s more is that Willy’s appearace seems to suggest that he is a very young teenager, and so therefore his growth spurt may not yet be happening.


Youtube Video Willy Morgan Announcement Trailer

Thompson Creek


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