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How Tall is Demoniaca from Demoniaca: Everlasting Night

Character NameHeight
Demoniaca5ft 8.5in


The height listed in this article is not official, it is instead an estimate based on our observations and research. Demoniaca would be the red haired protagonist in the game, her height was estimated by observing her scale in this Youtube Demoniaca: Everlasting Night Gameplay.

If you proceed towards the time frame [7:55] in the video, you can see Demoniaca stand in front of a certain kind of bookshelf. Bookshelves are typically varied, but in this observation, we will be using 70 inches as the maximum height of the bookshelf since the number leans towards the average browse type bookshelves based on our observations on Dimensions. One more thing is that these types of browsing bookshelves vary between 70 to 90 inches, considering that Demoniaca is a girl, it would be too far off to make her maximum height the same level as a shelf that extends to more than 72 inches, therefore we will be using 70 inches as the height for our main frame of reference which is the bookshelf.

By scaling Demoniaca and the bookshelf side by side, it seems like Demoniaca takes up 98% of the bookshelf’s maximum height. This gives us an idea that Demoniaca may be around 68.6 inches tall. 68.6 inches is pretty tall for a girl, however, this conclusion sounds very probable since Demoniaca is athletic and she also engages is high physical stress combat, making it very possible for her to be able to attain such height.


Youtube Demoniaca: Everlasting Night Gameplay



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