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Mirror 2: Project Z Characters Height

C:\Users\User\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (120).png
Character NameHeight
Purple Hair Girl~5’8
Pink Hair Girl~5’5
Green Hair Girl~5’2
Blue Hair Girl~5’6


Since there appears to be no character name information available yet online about the game, we decided to just label the characters based on their hair and other physical distinctions.

For a much clearer visualization, please refer to the image below. The image was taken from Youtube: Mirror 2 Project Z Game Store Page Trailer.

C:\Users\User\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (120).png

The height data in our article is not the official height data of the characters; it is instead an estimate based on our research.

First off, we used [Male Character] and [Purple Haired Girl] as our main frame of reference in creating the height estimates.

On the right side of the image, we can see something which appears to be an outdoor umbrella (patio umbrella). According to Mid-Town Umbrellas, these types of umbrellas have a standard size of 8 feet. We assume that the umbrella in the image follows the same standard size. 

By correlating both the [Male Character] and [Purple Haired Girl] relative to the umbrella, we figured out that the [Male Character] should have a height range of around 175 centimeters (5’9) and the [Purple Haired Girl] should be around 173 centimeters (5’8). This was visualized using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool.

If our estimate regarding the heights of [Male Character] and [Purple Haired Girl] is correct, then all we need to do next is place the other characters relative to the two main frame of reference to be able to figure out their heights.

[Green Haired Girl] was scaled alongside [Male Character], we figured out that she should have an estimated height of around 160cm (5’2).

Both [Blue Haired Girl] and [Pink Haired Girl] were scaled alongside [Purple Haired Girl], and in our visualization we figured out that [Blue Haired Girl] should be around 5’6 while [Pink Haired Girl] should be around 5’5 in height.

All of our scaling and visualization were done with the help of Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool.

We did not bother removing the added height brought by the high heels which some of the characters wear.

If you want to know the females’ bare feet height, simply subtract 2 or 3 inches to their maximum height.

For the male character, if you want to make an estimated bare feet height, simply subtract 1 or 1.5 inch to his maximum height.

Camera angle, character placement, and camera distance were all put into consideration when creating this height estimate. Therefore, this data should be considered as a rough character height estimate and may be changed in the future when official data rolls out.


Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Tool

Mid-Town Umbrellas

Youtube: Mirror 2 Project Z Game Store Page Trailer


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