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How Big is Charles in Choo Choo Charles?

Character NameHeightLength
Charles~3.65 meters10.13 meters (body only)


Charles in the horror game is a twisted parody of Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas the Tank Engine is described by the MUC Fandom to have a maximum height of around 3.65 meters. This information gives us an idea that the steam locomotive engine body of Charles in the video game should also be around that same height range, however, since Charles has spider legs he would not have the same maximum height as Thomas.

Charles’ spider legs and total body height was visually observed in this Youtube Choo Choo Charles Gameplay Trailer. When standing on its legs, Charles’ height is elevated by around 1/3 of his maximum steam locomotive engine height which is 3.65 meters.

If his engine body is 3.65m and the 1/3 of 3.65m is 1.2m, then that means that Charles should be around 4.82 meters tall in the videogame.

Charles’s body length of 10.13 meters is based on the LB&SCR E2 class. This is because the LB&SCR E2 class is the train model for Thomas the Tank Engine, and since Charles is basically the red evil spider version of Thomas, he then should also have the same length dimensions as Thomas.


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Youtube Choo Choo Charles Gameplay Trailer

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