Quintessential Quintuplets: Nakano Siblings Real Life Character Figurines You Can Buy Online

#1 Miku Nakano


You can buy this action figure item on Amazon for $240.

This one is the most expensive Miku Nakano Action Figure listed on Amazon. It is from Good Smile Company, it features a 10 inch tall Miku Figurine wearing a casual winter outfit.

#2 Yotsuba Nakano


This figurine can be bought on the Official Crunchyroll Store for around $33. The figurine features Yotsuba wearing her usual summer school uniform. She can also be seen wearing her rabbit ear ribbons. The item is approximately 8 inches tall.

#3 Nino Nakano

D:\Downloads\nino nakano.png

This Nino Nakano 1/8 Figurine is being sold on the Official Crunchyroll Store for around $115. It features Nino Nakano in her usual summer school uniform. The item is approximately 9 inches tall. The product comes with interchangeable facial expressions.

#4 Itsuki Nakano


This figurine is a product from Good Smile Company, it can be bought on their Goodsmile Official US Store. The product will cost you around $120.

The figurine features Itsuki, the youngest of the five siblings. She can be seen wearing her outdoor amusement park outfit.

#5 Ichika Nakano


This Ichika Figurine is available on The Official Crunchyroll Store ($35).

The product shown in the image above is made out of PVC material (static). It is approximately 8 inches tall. It features Ichika Nakano, the eldest among the five siblings. In the figurine, she is wearing her usual school uniform.



The Official Crunchyroll Store

Goodsmile Official US Store


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