Legend of Zelda Items in Real Life

#1 Skyward Link Master Sword


This sword replica is available on Etsy ($120). It mimics the master sword in Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. The item comes with a scabbard. The sword has an overall link of 41.5 inches, the blade is 30 inches and the handle is around 12 inches in length. The metal used for the blade is stainless steel and the sword weighs at 2.17 kilograms.

#2 Hookshot 


This item is a hookshot replica modelled from items on the games “Ocarina of Time” and “Majora’s Mask”. It is handmade and was made using acrylic paint, superglue, wood filler, spray paint and polyactic acid. It is being sold on Etsy for around $25.

#3 Majora’s Mask

D:\Downloads\majora mask.png

This mask is being sold on Etsy for $177. It models the Majora’s Mask item from the Legend of Zelda Franchise. The seller claims it to be handmade and made out of Polyurethane and acrylic paint. It can be hung on walls using a hook or a nail. The horns in the mask is not fixed as they are only held using a magnet, therefore they can actually be removed or rotated.

#4 Tears of the Kingdom Sword

D:\Downloads\tears of the kingdom.png

This is a cosplay piece sword modelled after Zelda’s sword in the videogame “Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”. It is sold on Etsy for around $110. The product page mentions that the unit is handmade and was made using artificial resin.




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