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Devil May Cry Sword Replicas You Can Buy Online

#1 Yamato


This is a Katana replica of “Yamata”, the main signature sword of Vergil in the Devil May Cry Franchise. It is being sold on Etsy for around $270. In the lore, the sword was originally owned and made by Virgil’s father “Sparda”. The Yamato was made alongside two other swords called “Sparda” and “Rebellion”. 

Yamato serves as an anti-thesis to the Rebellion sword, where the Rebellion can unite a demon and human within a person, the Yamato can sever.

#2 Rebellion


This item is a replica of Dante’s signature magic sword in the Devil May Cry Franchise. The “Rebellion” is one of the trinity swords created by the dark knight Sparda. Alongside Sparda and Yamato, the Rebellion is fused with the power of its creator, allowing it to manifest a magical awakened form, lighting the blade blood red.

The replica can be bought on Etsy ($300). You can choose whether you want to buy the unawakened (silver) state or the awakened state (red), as show on the image on the left. The material is handmade according to the seller, and the sword has an overall length of 133 centimeters. The package comes with an extra Devil May Cry wall plaque.




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