Wednesday Addams’s Owned Items in Real Life

#1 Black Cello

Image Sources: Parade & Amazon

Wednesday Addams is described as smart, sarcastic and a little dead inside based on Netflix. Aside from being so intelligent, she also has different skills and one of those skills is playing a musical instrument called cello. In the episode 1 of Wednesday on Netflix, you will see her playing the cello outside her room in the new school, Nevermore Academy. On the other hand, you can buy the same color cello on Amazon for $ 129.99.

#2 Typewriter Machine

Image Sources: IMDb & Amazon

Wednesday Addams is also a great writer because she writes novels based on her experiences. You would see her use the typewriter machine in every episode of the Wednesday TV series on Netflix, specifically at the end of every episode when she writes her experience during the day. On the other hand, you can buy a typewriter on Amazon for only $24.99.

#3 Black Umbrella

Image Sources: Netflix &  Amazon

Wednesday Addams really loves black, and everything she owns is mostly colored black. Even his umbrella is black. You can really see her image on the cover of Netflix where she uses her black umbrella. On the other hand, you can buy a black umbrella on Amazon for only $9.99.


Netflix Wednesday TV show

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Parade Wednesday Addams Playing Cello

Amazon Black Cello

Amazon Typewriter Machine

Amazon Black Umbrella


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