Top 5 Best Fallout 4 Item Replica You Can Buy Online

#1 Stealth Boy


This Stealth Boy is a 3d printed cosplay prop. Buyers can choose their own rust and dirt level when buying the product. Seller claims the product to be handmade. It will cost you around $70. 

The Pip Boy Prop can be bought on Etsy

#2 Nuka Cola Quantum

D:\Downloads\nuka cola.jpg

This is a Nuka Cola Quantom Lighting Decoration prop sold online. It is made out of 3d printed plastic with a LED light inside, rechargeable via USB.

This item is available on Etsy if you’re interested.

#3 Mini Nuke

D:\Downloads\mini nuke.jpg

This is a micro-storage box with a Fallout mini nuke design. It is being sold online for around $58. The product is made out of metal and the designs are 3d printed using a Renkforce RF1000. The seller claims that the mini nuke box is great for storage small valuables like coins.

This product can be purchased on Etsy

#4 Stimpak

Fallout 3D printed Stimpak prop image 1

This is a 3D printed Stimpak made with PLA filament. The item is “sanded” to make the print lines less visible. It comes with a weathered/rusted version (done using acrylic and wax paints). The whole Stimpak will measure 8 inches long and 4 inches wide.

Purchase on Etsy

#5 Pip Boy

D:\Downloads\pip boy.jpg

This is a Pip Boy 3000 replica model made using a 3D printer. It comes with a working Pip Boy Interface.

You can buy it on Etsy.




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