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Skyrim Dragonborn and Alduin Action Figures You Can Buy Online

#1 Dragonborn

This Dovahkiin Figurine is a product from Good Smile Company. The item measures around 7 inches tall and is made from plastic. It features the Dragonborn wearing leather armor, iron boots, and iron helmet. He also dual wields a dagger and a sword. The material used to make the figurine was plastic. The product is cannot be disassembled as it comes as a full unit.

If you wish to buy this figurine, you can check it out on Amazon for $45.

#2 Alduin

This action figure collectible features Alduin, the World Eater, Nemesis of the Dragonborn. The figurine is made out of plastic but it has a gold outer colouring. It is incredibly detailed as can be seen by the image above. The unit is also bendable, featuring moveable legs, wings, neck, and jaw, this allows the figure to do many different poses. This item is part of the Skyrim 10 Year Anniversary Collectibles. The figurine has an overall height of around 10 inches and it weighs around 310 grams.

This figurine is purchasable on Amazon for $30.




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