Elden Ring Sword Keychain Replicas You Can Buy Online

#1 Dark Moon Greatsword

D:\Downloads\moonlight greatsword.png

The replica is a pendant sold on Etsy. It has a price tag of $15 and the material is mainly made out of alloy.

#2 Sword of Night and Flame

D:\Downloads\night of fire.png

The Sword Pendant is being sold on Amazon for $20. The product comes with the mini sword and the mini sheath, both of which are made out of zinc alloy. The material is unsharpened and is meant mainly for decoration purposes.

#3 Carian Knight’s Sword

D:\Downloads\Carian Knight Sword.png

The Carian Knight Sword pendant is a unique Elden Ring Themed Keychain sold on Amazon. It has a price of around $17. The sword is 9 inches (22cm) in length and is made from alloy metal.





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