20 Fallout Weapon Replicas You Can Buy Online

#1 Laser Rifle

Fallout inspired Laser Rifle image 1

Lasers will disintegrate what bullets cannot.

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#2 Pipe Revolver

Fallout inspired 3d printed rusty pipe revolver image 1

Truly handmade, both in the lore and in real life.

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#3 Laser Pistol

Laser gun  Fallout inspired image 1

3D printed Fallout prop material. Exclusive for Institute enthusiasts.

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#4 10mm Fallout Pistol

Fallout 10mm Pistol Gun Replica Prop 1:1 scale TKP 163 image 1

A 3D printed TKP 163 10mm Prop Gun Model, the 10mm Pistol comes with grime designs.

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#5 Sequoia Revolver

Fallout sequoia revolver image 1

Once carried exclusively by a veteran NCR Ranger for 20 years.

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#6 Kellogg’s Pistol

Kellogg's Pistol Fallout 4 / High Quality Cosplay prop toy image 1

Heavily based on the .44 Magnum, Kellogg the mercenary carries this heavy duty pistol as his main tool for death.

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#7 Alien Blaster

Alien Blaster  Fallout Blaster Replica  Firelance Blaster  image 1

Be careful to not get hit, or else you’ll turn into blue ash.

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#8 Thirst Zapper

thirst zapper replica cosplay prop image 1

Bored of drinking Nuka Cola? Try shooting.

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#9 Pipe Gun

Fallout Pipe Gun  Fully modular  3D printed  Cosplay image 1

This gun personifies what happens when you combine depravity, imagination, and bloodlust.

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#10 Pipe Rifle

Fallout pipe rifle modular with attachments. image 1

“World War 4 will be fought using sticks and stones, not guns”, said Albert Einstein. He was wrong.

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#11 Plasma Rifle


The visuals itself explains the gun’s power.

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#12 Gauss Rifle

MyCollages (9).jpg

Propel it with enough speed and it won’t matter whether it be a bullet or a rock, it will definitely kill you.

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#13 Plasma Grenade


Creating this requires real explosive thoughts.

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#14 Baseball Grenade

Fallout Baseball Grenade w/ Display Stand image 3

The only way to truly counter the baseball grenade is by hitting it with a bat.

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#15 Power Fist

Fallout Power Fist Replica Gallery Image 1

Before the nuclear fallout, this was used by demolition crews to demolish buildings. Now it be can used to demolish both buildings and enemies.

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#16 Plasma Pistol

D:\Downloads\s-l1600 (15).jpg

Getting shot by this pistol will turn you into something green, and I don’t mean the hulk or super mutant, I mean something that is static and dead.

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#17 Super Sledgehammer

D:\Downloads\s-l1600 (16).jpg

As if though Sledgehammers weren’t strong enough.

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#18 Fat Man

Picture 1 of 3

When wielding the Fat Man, you become a danger not only to your enemies but also to yourself.

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#19 Broadsider

Picture 1 of 1

Holding the Broadsider will qualify you to be called with the “loose cannon” pronoun.

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#20 Tesla Rifle

Picture 1 of 8

Zeus would be jealous.

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