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Skyrim Weapon Replicas You Can Buy Online

#1 Dawnbreaker


The Dawnbreaker is a unique weapon gifted by the Daedric Prince Meridia, this sword is highly effective when fighting the undead.

The Dawnbreaker Replica can be purchased on Etsy.

#2 Mehrunes Razor


The Bane of the Righteous, The Dagger of the Final Wounds, one of the deadliest weapons in the Elder Scrolls Universe is Mehrune’s Razor. Imbued with the essense of the Daedric Prince of Destruction and Revolution, this razor in the Skyrim World gives the player a chance to one-hit kill anything.

The Mehrunes Razor Replica can be purchased on Etsy.

#3 Nightingale Blade

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Fun fact about the Nightingale Blade is that it has the same sheath as Dawnbreaker and Chillrend.

You can purchase the replica on Etsy.

#4 Wabbajack


The Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath, owns a strange staff that can give very unpredictable outcomes, exemplifying his mad nature. The Wabbajack is a staff and an external essence of Sheogorath, it can be given as a gift to the Dragonborn after completing The Mind Of Madness Quest.

You can purchase the Wabbajack Replica on Etsy.

#5 Rueful Axe


The Rueful Axe is another Daedric Artifact that can be taken as a gift by the Dragonborn if he decides to join in with the Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile. The axe’s history is nothing but a dark joke given to a father who wished to cure his daughter that was afflicted by lycanthropy (werewolf syndrome). The father begged the Daedric Prince and in return, Clavicus Vile gave him the Rueful Axe. It is said by one of the guards that “the blade of the Rueful Axe looks sharp enough to cut through a god.”

The Rueful Axe replica is available and can be purchased on Etsy.




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