Koala Man Foods and Drinks in Real Life



Image Sources: YouTube & Amazon

Hotdogs are one of the foods you can find in the TV Series. In a YouTube video clip, you can see an old man cooking hotdogs in his yard together with a kid. Similar hotdogs can be bought on Amazon.


Image Sources: YouTube

As you watch this YouTube video clip, Meat loaves are cooked together with the hotdogs. They were cooked by that old muscular man in his yard. Moreover, you can buy meat loaves on Amazon.



Image Sources: YouTube & Amazon

Green Tea is Kevin, aka Koala Man’s favorite drink to calm him. You can watch the video from YouTube where he has the green tea in a cup beside him. It probably makes him calmer or think well since he is overthinking at that time when he is drinking the tea. On the other hand, you can buy green tea on Amazon.


Image Sources: YouTube & Go To Liquor Store

A green bottle of beer was drunk by a minor character in the TV series when he watched the Koala Man fly after the enemy kick him out based on the scene on YouTube. Moreover, you can buy green bottled beer at Go To Liquor Store.


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