Blacktail: Characters Height

Character NameHeight
Baba Yaga~4’11
Baba Yaga’s Sister~5’3

Baba Yaga’s Height Analysis

Baba Yaga’s height in this article should be considered as a rough estimate because there is a lack of 3rd person perspective reference points in calculating her height. Baba’s height was estimated by observing the 1st person perspective scaling difference between Baba Yaga and a (presumably) white-tailed deer in this Playstation Blacktail Launch Trailer on Youtube at the time frame [1:10]. On Dimensions, a white tailed deer’s shoulder height would vary in between 81 to 91 centimetres, for our estimate, we will be using the maximum range which is 91 centimeters. 

On the trailer, it appears that Baba’s stomach height is in the same height line to the deer’s shoulder height. In this case, we will be using Hikaku Sittatter Height Comparison Tool to create a height estimate. If a deer’s shoulder (91cm) is in a relative height line to a woman’s stomach height, then that means that the woman would have maximum height of around 150cm (4’11). 

As you may have noticed, Baba Yaga’s height data deviates so far from the average Prussian girl height, however, it is to be expected considering that the events in the game is set in the medieval Slavic era.

In this Quora Discussion, it was mentioned by one user that a 2013 World Health Organization research concluded that Prussian/Slavic Adult Female’s average height is around 5’5 to 5’6. Baba Yaga, although still 16 years old, should fall on the same average adult height since girl’s will typically grow near their maximum potential height range by the age of 16, unlike boys. We do not however expect this 2013 WHO data to be useful if we are to be realistic in Baba’s height estimate. Merely back in 1960, woman had an average height of 157 centimeters only, giving us an idea that woman back then would have had a much smaller body build and height compared to the modern lady. Therefore we conclude that if our estimates ring true, Baba Yaga having a height of around 5 feet should be very plausible.

Baba Yaga Sister’s Height Analysis

The height of Yaga’s sister was estimated by scaling the difference between her and Yaga in this Youtube Playstation Game Trailer. It appears the Yaga’s sister is much taller compared to her, this is probably because she is older than Yaga. By using Hikaku Sittatter Height Comparison Tool, we came to the conclusion that the sister should be somewhere around the height of 160cm or 5’3. This estimate is based on a visual observation taken from a frame in this Youtube Playstation Game Trailer, the time frame can be found at [0:13] in the video. In the frame, we can see both of the girls standing together with them facing in the opposite direction.


Youtube Playstation Game Trailer

Hikaku Sittatter Height Comparison Tool


Playstation Blacktail Launch Trailer on Youtube


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