Guns Used in Alice in Borderland Season 2

#1 Revolver

D:\Downloads\Colt Revolver.png

Niragi can be seen using this weapon towards the end of the show. Although we cannot point out the exact gun brand, this gun appears to be very similar to the Colt Diamondback Revolver, a gun that was manufactured back in 1966 until 1988.

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#2 Double Barreled Shotgun

D:\Downloads\Double Barrel.png

As the show progresses, Arisu stumbles upon an officer’s dead body, it was there where he was able to pick up a double barrelled shotgun. A double barrelled shotgun is a type of shotgun which, as its name implies, allows the user to put in two slugs and fire them both at the same time.

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#3 Sub-machineguns

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In the show, two types of sub-machineguns can be seen being used by some players, especially the King of Spades. A sub-machinegun is a type of automatic gun that allows the user to fire pistol rounds in a “machine gun” like fashion.

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#4 Snubnosed Revolver

C:\Users\User\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (105).png

 When fighting against the King of Spades, Ann can be seen using a snubnosed revolver. Snubnosed revolvers are a type of gun that has a very short barrel. These barrels will typically not exceed more than 4 inch in length. These guns were made mainly because of them being very useful as a “conceal carry” type weapon. Their small size allows users to hide them very easily.

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