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Please Be Happy: Character Heights

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To figure out the estimated heights of the characters, we used a frame from this Youtube Video by Justinforsure. At around the time frame [1:18:38], we can see Aspen pouring some sort of drink while she stands behind a counter. We predict that the counter is probably around 37 inch in height, since it appears to be like a type of counter you see at bars and cafes.

Aspen’s stomach area appears to be in the same height line as the counter, by using Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart, we were able to figure out that if Aspen’s stomach area is 37 inch in height relative to the counter, then that would mean that her maximum height would be around 65 inches or 165cm.

Now that we have Aspen’s height, we will scale her next to the other characters to figure out their height.

By observing Miho and Juliet as they stand beside Aspen in several images on Google Search, we were able to come up with their estimated heights.

Juliet appears to be 1 inch shorter compared to Aspen, therefore she should be around the height of 5 feet and 4 inches.

Miho seems to be much shorter, standing 2 inch shorter compared to Aspen, therefore we give her an estimated height of around 5 feet and 3 inches.


Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart

Youtube Video by Justinforsure


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