Dragon Quest Treasures: Young Erik and Mia Heights

Character NameJapanese Height Hypthesis #1Swedish Height Hypthesis #2
Young Erik~4’7~4’9
Young Mia~4’7~4’9


The height data in this article should be considered as a rough estimate since we cannot create accurate data due to the lack of realistic reference points in the game. By observing Erik and Mia in this Dragon Quest Treasure Gameplay by HeroVoltsy on Youtube, we are able to do a visual observation to aid in estimating the heights of the characters. However, we will not be using any reference points within the video since the game is set in a very fantasy themed world, and so there is no reliable reference point, the crates, boxes, doors, and objects in the environment are way too disjointed from their real world counterpart.

The game does not give an official height or age number for the characters; however, they are known to be the younger versions of Erik and Mia from the Dragon Quest Franchise. Being a part of a Japanese original media, we will assume that both Erik and Mia are based on the Japanese body build.

Hypothesis #1

Erik and Mia are both Japanese and they appear to be around 10 year old versions of themselves in the game. According to this 2016 Japanese Research posted on Nbakki Hatena Blog, 10 year old boys in Japan measures an average height of around 4ft 7in or 139.1 cm. Therefore, it is very likely that the 10 year old Erik in the game is somewhere around that height range. As for Mia, on the same Nbakki Hattena Blog Site, she should fall under the height range of 140cm or around 4ft 7in, pretty similar to her brother. By observing some pictures of the siblings on Google, and also on some of the gameplay on Youtube, we feel that this indeed sounds like a very likely conclusion since both of the characters are have a height scale pretty close to one another.

Hypothesis #2

On Erik’s profile in Dragon Quest Fandom, it was mentioned that Erik speaks Scandinavian dialect, this may point out that Erik’s blood is not actually Japanese but rather Scandinavian in origin. If this is true, then the first hypothesis is then therefore incorrect.

If the characters have Swedish blood, then Erik should fall under the same height data category listed in this Stat Areppim Article. The article indicates that at 120 months (10 years old), Erik falls around the height range of 145.40cm or around 4’9.

Mia on the other hand should fall at around 144.80cm. This is taken from one another Stat Areppim Article For Swiss Girls.


Stat Areppim Article For Swiss Girls

Stat Areppim Article

Dragon Quest Fandom

Nbakki Hatena Blog

Dragon Quest Treasure Gameplay by HeroVoltsy on Youtube


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