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Urusei Yatsura: Characters Height and Age

Character NameHeightAge
Ataru Moroboshi~5’617
Lum~5’3~17 (Physical Appearance)

Ataru Moroboshi Height and Age Analysis

Ataru Moroboshi is the male lead (protagonist) in the show. The Urusei Yatsura Fandom mentions that his name (Moroboshi Ataru) means “falling star to get hit”. This is something that is pretty coincidental considering the following events in his life meeting a certain someone who is not from planet Earth.

Ataru is a fairly average highschool teenager, with the a very lecherous personality. By observing several anime clips on Youtube, it appears that Ataru has approximately the same height as his other highschool buddies, giving us a conclusion that Ataru is most likely to have an average Japanese height build.

According to Live Japan, 17 year old Japanese males have an average height of around 5 feet and 6 inches, therefore we give Ataru Moroboshi this same approximate height in our calculation.

Regarding his age, his profile page on the Urusei Yatsura Fandom specifically mentions him to be a 17 year old human male, with a birth date on April 13, 1962.

Lum Height and Age Analysis

Lum, according to her profile page on Urusei Yatsura Fandom, is a female alien and is the main female protagonist in the show. She is also sometimes referred to as “Invader Lum”.

Lum’s age cannot be properly calculated because of her alien origins. However, by basing it on her human like physical appearance, she appears to be a teenager girl who is basically probably just around the same age range as Ataru Moroboshi. Therefore, as a conclusion, we give Lum an approximate human physical age of around 17 years old.

Lum’s height (5’3) was calculated by placing her relative to Ataru Moroboshi. Since we know that Ataru has an average Japanese male height build of 5’6, we can easily observe the scale difference between him and Lum to ultimately figure out Lum’s approximate height. To do this, we will use the Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart. We will also need a visual frame of reference to create the height comparison, for this, we will be using this Youtube Clip (Ataru falls in love with Lum – Urusei Yatsura (2022)).

At the exact timestamp [ 0:00 ] in the Youtube Clip, we can see Lum and Ataru standing side by side with the camera in their front. We can see that Lum’s maximum height (on top of hair) is in exact proportion as Ataru’s forehead. With this idea we will now use Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart to observe and figure out the scale difference between the two.

A female who has a maximum height relative to the forehead of a 5 feet 6 inch tall male should have a height of approximately around 160 centimeters. Therefore, we come to a conclusion that Lum in the show, should have a weight of somewhere around 160 cm or 5ft and 3inches. This height includes her footwear, to create a bare feet height, simply subtract 1 inch to the equation.


Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart

Youtube Clip (Ataru falls in love with Lum – Urusei Yatsura (2022))

Urusei Yatsura Fandom


Live Japan


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