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Cool Doji Danshi (Play It Cool, Guys!): Characters Height and Age

Character NameHeightAge
Hayate Ichikura175 cm20
Shun Futami178 cm17
Takayuki Mima182 cm27
Souma Shiki167 cm19
Motoharu Igarashi172 cm27

Hayate Ichikura Height and Age Analysis

Hayate Ichikura’s height (175cm) was mentioned on his profile page on Play It Cool Fandom. Hayate’s age is said to be 20 years old according to his profile made by the fans. They describe him as a “shameful and remorseful” person.

Shun Futami Height and Age Analysis

Shun Futami is one of the five protagonists in the show. He is a 17-year old boy attending his sophomore year in high school. His profile on Play It Cool Fandom says that he has a height of 178 centimetres.

Aside from his appearance, Shun is known as a stoic and cool type person, he is however sometimes arrogant about his mistakes, not often admitting them and just putting them aside as something that was part of his plan. This arrogant personality is however mixed with his blunt honesty, which is why people often call him cute, that to which he hates.

Takayuki Mima Height and Age Analysis

On Play It Cool Fandom, Takayuki Mima is described as a “27 year old office worker”. Mima is also one of the 5 main protagonists in the show. The Play It Cool Fandom mentions both his height (182cm) and age (27) on his profile page. With a height of 182 centimeters, Takayuki is the tallest among the five protagonists.

As a fun fact for Takayuki, he is not a fan of the horror genre, his name “Takayuki” means “something that is of value” or “valuable”, and according to Play It Cool Fandom, his surname; “Mima” means “three rooms”.

Souma Shiki Height and Age Analysis

Souma Shiki is the second youngest guy among the 5 protagonists in the show. According to his profile page on Play It Cool Fandom, Souma Shiki is a 19 year old vocational student, who people often mistakes for a highschool student.

His height (167cm) was mentioned alongside his age on Play It Cool Fandom. Souma is the shortest guy in the group.

He has an unnamed older brother who he lives together with in an apartment. He also seems to have a keen interest in cooking, as shown in the show, with him trying to learn how to cook at Mawarimichi Café. His boss, Asami Futami, is Shun’s older sister, and is the one who serves as a sort of cookery teacher to Souma.

Motoharu Igarashi Height and Age Analysis

Motoharu is another protagonist in the show, he and Takayuki Mima are the oldest in the crew. Motoharu works as a novelist and is known as a genius, and also a very good communicator.

Motoharu’s age and height were both mentioned on his profile page on Play It Cool Fandom. With a height of 172 cm, Motoharu is the shortest among the five protagonists in the show.


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