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Persona 5 Ultimate Characters Cosplay Guide

#1 Joker Outfit (Ren Amamiya Phantom Thief)


This Joker outfit set is being sold on Amazon. The Joker is a persona for Ren Amamiya, the main character in Persona 5. A black, ankle-lengthed tailcoat serves as the signature apparel for Joker, this is paired with black pants and neck-high grey waistcoat. As for his footwear, the Joker wears a black heeled boots. The set in the image does not include that pants and the boots, they can be bought separately on the following links; Black Leather Country Boots and Men’s Fleece Lounge Pants.

Lastly, Joker wears a masquerade mask as an eyewear. Masks like this are often used in high-society social gatherings, they are meant to conceal the identity of a person, the intention behind the cover-up often varies but its often just about hiding the identity of a drunk noble or royal to avoid getting totally embarrassed.

#2 E-boy Ryuji Sakamoto (School Outfit)


Ryuji Sakamoto is another playable character in the Persona 5 game. According to the Fandom, he is a student at Shujin Academy and a former track star who lives a double life as a Phantom Thief. The image shown in the picture above is not his Phantom Thief form, it is his regular civilian outfit. As a highschooler, Ryuji’s outfit follows the standard Shujin Academy Uniform, he however does not follow the dress code when it comes to shoes and undershirt.

Ryuji Sakamoto’s regular outfit can be bought as a semi-set on Amazon, however, it does not include the sneaker shoes. The sneakers can be bought on separately on Amazon YuanCos Shujin Academy Ryuji Sakamoto White Cosplay Shoes Sneakers.

#3 Ann Takamaki “Panther” Phantom Thief


Ann Takamaki’s Phantom Thief outfit features a red latex suit with zippers and a cleavage. Her outfit gives out a cat like expression with the red panther mask. Pink gloves, high heeled thigh boots, a whip, and a cat tail further completes her full outfit set.

Mic Costumes is selling the Phantom Thief Ann Takamaki outfit, however it does not include the wig, mask and boots. The wig and mask can be bought separately on Cosplaybuzz and Mic Costumes Official Site.

Ann Takamakit’s Phantom Boots Replica can be bought on eBay for $42.

The Suit sold on Amazon is made out of a stretchy faux leather that the seller claims to be “very comfortable” to wear.

#4 Yusuke Kitagawa “Fox” Phantom Thief Outfit


The Fox Phantom Thief Outfit is being sold on eBay, although it only contains the jumpsuit and the lower apparels. The mask is sold separately also on eBay.

Yusuke Kitawaga is another playable character in the Persona 5 Game. The Megami Tensei Fandom describes him as a student from Kosei High who got involved with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

The Fandom Thief outfit of Kitagawa features a “kitsune” (Fox Japanese) themed outfit. The Replica Outfit sold on eBay is made out of leather as is applicable for cosplays and conventions.

#5 Futaba Sakura Regular Outfit


The Fandom describes Futaba as the “Navigator” for the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5. Futaba Sakura is a huge introvert with social anxiety. 

The outfit shown in the image above is one of her casualwear outfits, it consists of black stocking, knee high boots, white undershirt with asterist markings, black tank top, darkgreen faux jacket, and black shorts.

The exact outfit is sold on Amazon as a replica for cosplays. The full set will not include the wig, glasses, and boots, so you’ll need to buy those three separately. The wig, glasses, and boots are all on Amazon also.

#6 Makoto Nijima Regular Outfit


Makoto Nijima’s full regular outfit appears as a distinguished school council student uniform. The same outfit can be replicated for cosplays by buying the set along with the wig and boots.

The set for Makoto Nijima School Uniform is being sold on Amazon, it is made out of knitted fabric and uniform clothes. The set will include only the Makoto Niijima bottom shirt, vest, short skirt and black stockings. You will need to buy her black heels and wig separately.

The black heels can be bought on Amazon while Makoto Nijima’s wig replica is being put up for sale on eBay.

#7 Haru Okumura Regular Outfit

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The Haru Okumura Full Cosplay Outfit is being sold on Ali Express. It features Okumura’s casual school uniform outfit consisting of Pink Jacket, Starry White Leggings, and the Standard Highschool Shijun Academy Uniform.

The outfit does not include the black school does, you will need to buy the replica separately on Amazon.

Haru Okumura, in the Persona 5 Game, is another female playable character. She, like all other playable character, has a Phantom Persona described as “Noir”. The Fandom mentions her background, she comes from a wealthy family and is the fifth “target” of the Thieves.

#8 Goro Akechi Regular Outfit


Goro Akechi has the codename “Crow” while he works together with the Phantom Thieves in the game. Goro is headcanoned by fans to be the “second coming” of Detective Prince, a character in Persona 4.

As his main outfit, Goro wears tan peacoat, black and white striped tie, black pants, gloves, and black shoes.

Goro’s full outfit does not come in a complete set, you will need to buy his shoes replica separately.

His tie, gloves, pants, and peacoat can be bought together on eBay. Meanwhile, his boots can be bought separately on Amazon.

As a quick trivia, aside from his outfit, Goro Akechi uses a SIG Sauer P230 with a detachable suppressor as a weapon, this was mentioned on the Megami Tensei Fandom.

The SIG Sauer P230 real life gun can be reviewed as possibly bought on Gun Critic if you can meet certain requirements. The gun will cost you around $1000.

According to Gun Critic, the gun was created after the Munich Massacre, a terrorist attack on the 1972 Summer Olympics in Germany, it was carried out by a Palestinian organization called “Black September”.

The Germans realized after the incident that their law inforcement officers will need a sidearm to be able to defend themselves and possibly fend off any further escalations in case the incident occurs again.



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