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The Witcher 3 Next-Gen Cosplay Guide: Female Characters, Witcher School Medallions, and Weapons

Potential Spoilers Ahead

Female Outfits

#1 Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon (Ciri)


With the release of the new Next Gen Witcher 3 game, you might wanna re-embark your monster hunting quest by purchasing a full cosplay set featuring Ciri. This outfit comes as a full set sold on Amazon, the set will cost you around $90.

#2 Triss Merigold Regular Outfit


This set is a “non-dlc” regular outfit for Triss Merigold in the Witcher 3 game. This set will allow you to embody the fire sorceress’s main looks in the main game. The set is a delicate and a comfortable tailored set but it does not include the wig and the boots. The Triss Merigold boots and her wig can be bought on Amazon separately. The full outfit set is sold also on Amazon and it has a price tag of around $85.

#3 Triss Merigold DLC Outfit

The same fire sorceress but with a different alternative look. This full set features the Triss Merigold “more revealing” Elven styled outfit that came along with other 16 other Free DLC content for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This full set is a polyester, spandex tailored/customized outfit. It contains the robe, skirt, shoes covers, hair accessory, frontlet, belt, and waist accessory. The outfit can be bought as a whole package on Amazon, and it has a price tag of around $115.

#4 Yennifer Main Outfit

This set features the raven black Yennifer suit which can be witnessed as the main outfit for Yennifer during the start of the game. The set contains fur enclosed jacket, belt, gloves, pants and collar. It is purchasable on Amazon for the price of $115.


#1 Wolf School Medallion


Geralt of Rivia is one of the most prominent members of the wolf school. The wolf school carries a wolf shaped medallion that, like any other school or witcher medallion, will start to vibrate when there is supernatural presence nearby. The School of the Wolf is located at Kaer Morhen in Kaedwen. Other known members of the Wolf School are Vesemir, Eskel, and Lambert.

This product above is a replica of the medallion and it can be bought on Amazon for $14.

#2 Cat School Medallion

C:\Users\User\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (51).png

The Cat School is another branch of the Witcher Schools. Members of this school are trained to become agile and athletic rather than powerful.

The Cat School is an infamous school due to their members having certain tendencies for being too political and being involved in murders and assassinations. The Witcher Game Fandom mentions that aside from their political and murderous tendencies, the mutations in the Cat School will often have a higher psychotic range compared to other schools, which may explain why members are almost always out for blood.

The Cat School is the only school which accepts women as witcher candidates.

The product shown in the image above is a replica of the Cat School Medallion, it can be purchased on Etsy for around $50.

#3 Bear School Medallion


The Bear School is a witcher school known for its solitude. Members of the school are often loners and do not have strong bonds with people or other witchers, even if they belong in the same school. According to the Fandom, this loner mentality is actually a philosophy within the school. The school heavily believes that witchers should only focus on the job and not on politics or bonds. They view knightly conducts and codes as nothing but “nonsense” and a way to fill the ego, and thus they deemed it useless for their profession.

Witcher members of the Bear School are probably the toughest kinds of WItchers, as a trainee, they would have to endure freezing cold temperatures and endless snow removal jobs on their fortress which is located in a very isolated location.

Bear Witchers will favour being heavily armoured, compromising their speed and agility.

The product as shown in the image above is a replica of the insignia or medallion which Bear School witchers wear while they are doing their job, this item can be bought on Amazon for $53.

#4 Griffin School Medallion

C:\Users\User\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (52).png

The Griffin Witcher School is a witcher school founded in virtue and etiquette. They are also the only school that openly hunts dragons. The school is also known as the Eagle School or Gryphon School of Witchers.

The Griffin School shows a different mentality compared to the Bear School. In the Griffin School, brotherhood and camaraderie are practiced, the school is also greatly respect by different factions but it still keep its neutrality in terms of politics just like all other schools.

Griffin School Witchers are trained to have a higher affinity in using magic. They wear clothings and armors that amplifies their “signs” or magical powers.

The product shown in the image above is a replica of the Griffin School Medallion, it can be bought online on Artifactoria, it will cost you around $250.

#5 Viper School Medallion


The School of the Viper is a Witcher School rooted in literal backstabbing, betrayal and ruthlessness, as the school name implies. Witchers in the school are required to own and raise a pet who they would develop strong bonds with, and later once their initiation reaches it’s final stage, they are required to kill the animal. 

Unique to other witcher schools, the Witchers in the Viper School will accept contracts on humans and non-humans, making them a hybrid between being a witcher and a bounty hunter or assassin.

The School of the Viper have mysterious ties with the Wild Hunt, an elven Spectral Ghost Army. The Fandom mentions that perhaps the School of the Viper was not really a school meant for witcher jobs but rather a school that is in a secret quest to seek or destroy the Wild Hunt. 

The product which you can see above is a replica of the medallions which the Witcher of the Viper School wears. It can be bought on Mastenarium for $272.

#6 Manticore School Medallion


The Manticore School is a sort of outcast witcher group who for some reason, ended up becoming escorts to a royal family to a far eastern land in the Witcher universe. There isn’t enough entry regarding the unique characteristics of the school, but it was known that they are an offshoot branch which originated from the School of the Viper, however, considering that the band uses sabers, they probably had little skill affiliation to the Vipers.

Their replicated medallion can be bought online on Amazon for $45.

Character Weapons

Ciri’s Sword – Zireael


“The flash that cuts the darkness, the light that breaks the night” is a phrase engraved within the blades of Zireael, a gnome-made weapon gifted to Ciri by a weapon salesman.

The picture above is a blade replica of Zireael and it can be purchased on Amazon for $250.

Geralt’s Silver Sword

C:\Users\User\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (54).png

Geralt of Rivia, as a witcher, doesn’t really have a “main signature weapon”. He will often transition from one steel or silver sword to another while he is on his monster hunting quests. The sword as shown in the image above, is a silver sword inspired by the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Videogame.

The sword in the image above cannot be considered as a replica since there is no sword in the game which follows the same style, however, it should be canonically inspired by the many silver swords in the game, especially the Aerondight sword from the Blood and Wine Expansion.

The sword as shown in the image above can be bought on Etsy for around $250.

Iris – Olgierd Von Everec’s Sword

C:\Users\User\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (55).png

Olgierd Von Everec, one of the deuteragonist in the Hearts of Stone expansion, owns a steel saber named after his beloved wife “Iris von Everec”. If you choose to save him at the end of the Hearts of Stone quest, he will give this sword to Geralt as a sort of gift or compensation.

This Iris is a unique relic sword that, when used, after hitting an opponent multiple times, will start to glow red. When you use a power attack while glowing, it will cause a strong knockback effect and a critical strike, however, it will come at the cost of your health.

A replica of the Iris Steel Sword can be bought on Calimacil, it has a price of around $170.



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