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Top 20 Crazy Facts about the “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” Movie


Talking about “Puss in Boots” early life, he appears in Shrek movie where he was abandoned as a kitten in a basket, which somehow found its way to the doorstep of an orphanage in a Spanish town called San Ricardo and he was taken in by the head of the orphanage, Imelda, who became his foster mother based on Shrek Fandom.


He never had a name until he befriended a young Humpty Alexander Dumpty, who gave him his name “Puss”, and they became brothers in heart with a dream: To find the Magic Beans so they may find the Giant’s Castle and get the Golden Eggs of the Golden Goose, setting them up for life according to  Shrek Fandom.


 Puss in Boots is a cat fugitive from the law and a hero of San Ricardo according to Wiki. Based on the trailer on Releases  or IMDb, there was a scene when he was surrounded by humans and that made him appear like an ordinary cat. On the other hand, his height is literally the same with domesticated cats which can be 9.5 inches long according to Cat Wiki. Moreover, Puss’ height will be the basis for every cat character in the story or movie that could be either taller or shorter than him.


Puss in Boots’ age can identify in cat years and human years. According to Fiction Horizon, Puss is a dramatic cat, so when he speaks about past experiences, it’s hard to say whether or not he’s talking about events that happened ten years ago or a month ago so, it was estimated that he is already 20.5 years old in cat years in Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. On the other hand, in human years, Puss is 98 years old as stated also on the same website.


Puss in Boot is still a cat and he also weighs like a cat. According to Purina, a male cat ranges its weight from 11 to 15 lbs. Moreover, Puss is not that thin or fat as he appears in the the “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” Movie. So, we estimated Puss’ weigh to be in between which can be 13 lbs.


Kitty Softpaws is a black tuxedo cat who pretends to be Puss’s friend, but it is revealed later that she was in cahoots with Humpty and Jack and Jill to steal the Golden Goose and trick Puss into being imprisoned in his home town based on Wiki. On the other hand, looking at their photos together in IMDb she looks shorter than Puss. So, she I probably half inch shorter which means that she is probably 9 inches long.


Kitty Softpaws is one of the characters along with Puss so it could be possible that they have the same age. As mentioned on Fiction Horizon, Puss is already 20.5 years old in cat years in Puss in Boots: The Last Wish and he is 98 years old in human years. Kitty Softpaws could be 20.5 years, cat years, and 98 years old, human years.


Kitty Softpaws is shorter than Puss so she has less weight than him. Also, Kitty Softpaws  is a slim and healthy cat. Moreover, as stated on Purina, a female cat has less weigh than a male cat. So, we estimated Kitty Softpaws’ weigh to be 11 lbs.


Perrito is one of the main characters in the “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” Movie as a therapy dog. As to his height, we can estimate it using the images shown on IMDb when he is with Puss and Kitty. He looks like he has half of the height of both characters. So, we estimated his height to be 5 inches tall.


Perrito is only a character shown in in the “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” Movie unlike Puss and Kitty which are characters from Shrek to Puss in Boots Movies. So, we estimated his age to be younger than Puss which could be 5 years old, dog years.


Based on the image of Perrito on IMDb, he looks like a cute little pug dog. According to Dog Smart Food, a pug dog’s weigh ranges from 4 lbs to 20 lbs. However, Perrito is short and small so we could estimate his weigh to be 5 lbs.


Mama Luna is an elderly cat lady who initially takes Puss in when he is nowhere to go based on Wiki and IMDb trailer. As regards to her height, she looks like 6 times taller than Puss as seen in IMDb trailer when she welcomes Puss in her foster care along with other cats and dogs. So, she is probably 4 feet and 9 inches tall.


Based on how Mama Luna looks like on IMDb trailer, we could say that she is a senior citizen since she has a white hair and wrinkled skin. Moreover, she lived on an orphanage for cats that really looks so old or ancient which can be scary too. So, we estimated her age to be 85 years old.


As a senior citizen, Mama Luna’s weight is estimated based on the chart on Healthy Nex. She is quite a healthy elderly that can take care all of her cats and dogs in her house. So, we estimated the weight to be 65 kg.


Goldilocks is one of the three main antagonists (alongside “Big” Jack Horner and Death) in the movie Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. She is a criminal who, together with the Three Bears, goes in search of the Last Wish according to Shrek Fandom. On the other hand, we can estimate her height on the scene from the movie trailer on IMDb when she went to Mama Luna’s house to search for Puss. She is shorter than Mama Luna for about 3 inches. So, she is probably 4 feet and 6 inches tall.


Goldilocks claims to be a “cute, adorable and innocent little girl”; in actuality she is very obnoxious, rude, and has little regard for people’s personal belongings and homes as stated on Disney Fandom. As regards to her age on the “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” Movie, we could estimate this to be teenager since the description above was from the movie a long time ago. Like Puss, Goldilocks also age. So, she is probably a 16 years old girl.


Goldilocks is a chubby teenager girl as she appears in the “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” Movie based on on IMDb trailer. According to Hood MWR, the teenager girl’s weight of her age is about 53.5 kg so, we estimated her weight to be more than that since she is chubby. She is probably 56 kg.


Before the sequel, Kitty Softpaws was one of the enemies of Puss but she turns out to be his companion and even his lover this time around. As narrated from Wiki, while trying to steal the map, he unexpectedly reunites with Kitty Softpaws, who wants the map for herself. She’s mad at Puss for what happened at Santa Colomba. They, along with Perrito, who Kitty names the dog, manage to escape Goldi and Jack and head to the Dark Forest, where the Wishing Star is.


In the movie, Puss always encountered a wolf like creature and it turns out to be “Death” who have been chasing him because of all the bad things he did. As mentioned on Wiki, Puss encounters the wolf again, and the wolf reveals he is actually “Death” itself. Puss runs away, even after he spots Kitty and Perrito. Meanwhile, Goldi reveals that she wishes for a real family. While the bears are heartbroken, they still agree to help if it’s what she really wants.


In the movie, it was mentioned that Puss has used his 8 lives already and have only one left. Unfortunately, Puss encounters Death again, but this time chooses to fight him willingly. Death, disappointed, decides to spare him after seeing that Puss has changed and no longer fears him, but warns that they will meet again. Moreover, Puss and Kitty reconcile and start a new relationship.


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