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Top 5 Best Life Advice from Justin Waller

#1 Avoid Suppressions Wrapped in Love

Justin Waller made this explicitly clear in many of his videos and podcasts.

When you try to chase after big dreams, people aren’t gonna like it as much as you do.

People around you would really rather be jealous than supportive of your big dreams.

What they do then is that they will try to suppress you by saying certain words to you.

These “words” may seem nice and realistic at first glance, but when you unwrap them, you’ll realize that they weren’t really as nice as they first seemed to be.

You will realize that those words were nothing but suppression and sabotage meant to damage you and make you sell your dream.

Worst of all is that the suppression package will never come from a stranger; it will always come from a friend or a loved one.

As a big dreamer, you will have to make it your duty to safeguard your dream and never let any suppression or sabotage take the better hold of you.

#2 You Are Not Broken, There is Nothing Wrong With You

This lesson leans more towards not being a victim of circumstance.

In one of his Youtube videos, Justin implied that people are not broken at all and that there is nothing in them that needs to be fixed.

Truth is, instead of using it as fuel for success, people would rather use this “broken” status as an excuse for them to not push back against life.

Sometimes in life, things just happen, that’s the way it is.

There are a lot of things in our life which we have no control of, like family for example.

However, there are also a lot of things in our life which we have total control of.

Justin presents us a logic that even though there are a lot of things we cannot control, we still should do our best to steer the wheel of life so that we can get back on the right track.

Just because there are things which we cannot control, does not necessarily mean that we have already lost total control.

#3 It’s Not About “Can You Fight”, Instead, Its More On About “Will You Fight?”

This one is integrated in one of Justin’s video on Youtube called “Establish Your Ethics Before They’re Needed”.

Basically, it’s as the title says, being a good friend is all about being willing to defend the honor of your friend.

Same is true when applied vice versa to your “friends”.

Are you surrounded by people who are actually willing to “defend” you or “fight” for your honor?

Justin have indirectly implied in one of his videos that having a friend that is really trying to fight for your honor will subsequently push you to become a better friend to that guy.

#4 Be The Star Of Your Own Movie

In one of Justin’s videos called “When You’re Stuck and Have No Hope”, Justin pointed out how important it is to flip the scenario from being the victim to being the hero.

Justin explains that when he was in 8th grade, on his way home, he saw his house burning. It was there in his room where he kept all of his valuable things.

And while on the road, a firetruck came by and ran over a dog.

Justin called the situation a solid 10 out of all his bad days in 8th grade.

Now the only thing he had left was his Walmart school uniform and his backpack.

As a kid, he was presented with a choice whether he would wallow up and be the victim of the fire, or be the hero who can start all over again with nothing but the backpack and the clothes on his back.

This situation can be used as a metaphor when we face adversity in our life.

Eventually, the house is gonna burn and we are going to be left with nothing but the clothes on our back, and we will need to make a choice whether to keep moving forward or to stop and let it all sink.

Justin implies that letting things sink and staying depressed about the bad situation is an irrational thing to do.

It is irrational to stay depressed because of two things; it doesn’t change anything, and nobody is coming to save you.

The thing you should do instead is, use the adversity as a fuel to your fight, and think of yourself as the hero who’s soon going to climb up the ranks and rise against the odds.

#5 The “Why”

Most of us don’t really need to question why we should be successful or why we should be rich.

You don’t really need a strong “why” or a very good reason why you should be rich, it is and should always be common sense.

You want to be rich and successful so you can take care of the people that you love, that’s it.

You want to have the best life you could have, so you need to be rich and be successful.

The reason why many of us are still waiting for that strong “why” to convince us to start our journey to getting rich is because we have been fed way too many irrational advice on the internet.

It is basically the same concept as wanting to go to heaven, you know you want to go to heaven and you already know what you need to do so you can go to that heaven, but you are still waiting for another good reason to convince you to start the journey.


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