Top 12 Crazy Facts of “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio” Movie


Pinocchio’s, the main protagonist of the story or movie, name is said to be a combination of the Italian words “pino,” which means pine, and “occhio,” which means eye. However, in popular culture, the word has become synonymous with liar based on Sports Keeda since he was famous of having a nose that grows longer when he lies.


Pinocchio’s age is unknown since it was never mentioned in the movie. However, it was stated on Sports Keeda that he is thought to be between the ages of six and twelve. So, to be more precise, we estimated his age to be 10 years old because he characterizes a boy more like that age as we can see on his behavior on Releases trailer.


Another character from the movies is Geppetto, the person who made Pinocchio, is a slender elderly man according to Disney Fandom. So, we estimated his height to be taller being slender that measure probably 5 feet and 10 inches tall since we can also compare his height from Pinocchio that looks like half of him according to the image on Releases.


As mentioned above, Pinocchio’s height is half of his creator or more like his father according to Disney Fandom so, he is probably 2 feet and 11 inches and it is shorter than the real boy or human boy since he is only a wooden puppet transformed into a boy according to Sports Keeda.


Geppeto’s age was not mentioned also in the movie but he was described as a slender elderly man with white hair, a thick matching mustache, thick gray eyebrows, blue eyes, a pink cherry nose, and pale skin based on Disney Fandom. So, we estimated his age to be more than 70 years old. Moreover, his image from Releases trailer would tell that he was on his 70s.


As we grow older, our weight will either gain or loss. In case of Geppeto, he looks like a healthy senior citizen who has a weight normal for him. According to New Health Advisor, the weight of a healthy senior citizen is ranging from 165 to 208 lbs. Then, we estimated Geppeto’s weight to be 170 lbs to be more precise.


Pinocchio could not feel pain because he is a wooden puppet as what we can see on the movie and heard in the stories about him. Moreover, in the movie, he is repeatedly shown falling down the stairs or being injured. But none of these incidents harm him. So, his body is repairable.

On the other hand, he has feelings like a human boy since he was magically turned by some mythical creature based on the Releases trailer to a human who can feel emotionally. Therefore, we could hurt his feelings that could be painful for him too.


Unlike a human boy, Pinocchio can survive underwater since he is made of wood. It was stated also on Disney Wiki that he can also survive underwater and does not require air. Moreover, he will not submerge on water for a long period of time since he is a wood. He is more likely to float on the water.


As stated on Qoura, an enthu cutlet is a very lively high energy level person who is super excited about a given situation or matter, they can be a person with general high energy levels too. In relation to Pinocchio, when he first appears, he is portrayed as a boisterous youngster with a variety of childlike characteristics. He is mischievous, but he also has a child’s innocence. He’s a quick learner who learns from his mistakes, and his personality changes dramatically as his life progresses. He grows into a calm, intelligent, empathetic, and courageous young man.


Pinocchio walks away from his creator or father Gepetto to look something new of his life. After fleeing Geppetto, Pinocchio befriends the Fox and the Cat, who are attempting to steal gold pieces from him. When they try to kill him, the blue fairy saves him by lying about the gold pieces. He eventually moves in with her and begins school as her son.

Moreover, following a series of mishaps, he is swallowed by a shark and discovers his “father,” Geppetto, inside its belly, whom he saves. He is ultimately turned into a real, human boy by the blue fairy after he redeems himself by saving his father and deciding to look after him according to Sports Keeda.


In the movie trailer from YouTube, Gepetto has given Pinocchio a book as a gift. It was a gift to Gepetto’s real boy but he died. But Gepetto did not expect that his creation, Pinocchio, will have a life so he decided to give it to him since Pinocchio reminds him of his little boy. Also, Pinocchio became he’s true son who turned by a magical blue fairy into a real boy.


It was stated by the director that the movie is personal for him. He said “The flip-side for me has always been Pinocchio and Frankenstein is the same story. Because essentially, that’s the same story. The idea of a Pinocchio that talks about things that I consider very deep but it’s fun and it’s a musical at the same time, I find it really incredibly moving ” from Cinema Blend.

So, there is really a difference between the classic Pinocchio compared to the one directed or made by Guillermo Del Toro. It is more theatrical and musical which will interest everyone especially the music lovers.


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