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Cocaine Bear: Top 5 Facts

#1 Closest Thing to a Merciless Killing Machine

A merciless killing machine is a robot programmed to kill anything and anyone on sight, it does not feel pain or fear, and it’s just there to kill. The bear that got high on cocaine was probably the closest thing humanity had ever come to creating a merciless killing machine.

Although in real life, there wasn’t any bloodshed caused by the bear, it is undeniable that the bear may have had become utterly psychotic after ingesting the cocaine, despite it only lasting for a few minutes before the bear dies of heart failure.

Fans on Reddit r/Damnthatsinteristing pointed out that there was probably a 5 minute window before the bear died where he became the most dangerous apex predator on planet earth.

This 5 minute psychosis will be elongated and shown in the upcoming Cocaine Bear movie which will be in theatres on February 24, 2023.

#2 True Story By the Way

Cocaine Bear is real. To keep things short, some guy was smuggling cocaine into the United States via plane, the guy parachutes out of the plane with the drugs, he missed the target landing zone and got stuck in a tree somewhere in someone’s yard where he eventually dies. Later, a bear was found dead after eating some of the dropped cocaine.

After a while, Waylon Jennings bought the dead bear, it was taxidermied and then sold to one of Jenning’s friends. That “friend” then died and then the bear was put up in a pawnshop somewhere in Kentucky until it was bought by a store in Lexington called “KY for KY”. Now the bear is on display and is given the name “Pablo Escobear”.

The full story is available on this WBIR article.

#3 An Ohio Moment

Despite the incident occurring only on Georgia, many people on the internet still calls the upcoming movie and the cocaine incident as an “Ohio Moment”.

Basically, an Ohio Moment is a crazy moment that happens in Ohio. Somewhere around September and December of 2022, the Ohio Moment Meme rose to significance and many people are desperately trying to connect anything crazy, at the slightest significance to Ohio, as an Ohio Moment.

Since the Cocaine Bear (Pablo Escobear) was once put up at a store in Kentucky, enjoyers of the meme didn’t pass the chance to call the event and the upcoming movie as a certified “Ohio Moment”.

#4 Daredevil Gone Wrong (Literally)

The smuggler guy who jumped out of the plane with the cocaine was actually a pretty wealthy guy since according to these articles from Road Side America and Entertainment Weekly, Andrew Carter Thornton II, was the wealthy son of an elite Kentucky horse-breeding family.

According to Georgia Bureau of Investigation, when Thornton jumped out of the plane, the tail of the plane hit his head, possibly causing a daze, Thornton was eventually able to open his parachute but it was already too late.  

On the same Reddit Thread , one guy replied to the original poster saying that he knew a guy who actually knew Thornton. The friend said that he and his other friends wouldn’t go skydiving with Thornton because when they are falling mid-air, Thornton would grab their hands and wouldn’t let go until they are close to the ground.

#4 The Most Dangerous Thing on Planet Earth

A bear (or any other wild apex predator) high on cocaine is extremely dangerous. Them being high on the drug not only possibly raises their aggression level to a multiple of 10 but it also blocks any pain receptors in their body, causing them to act more like robots when attacking something, they do not feel pain or fear when they get hit by anything, and they will relentlessly chase after whatever it is they want to attack or kill.

Even with a high calibre firearm, trying to kill the bear will require a headshot if you want it to die and fall instantly, however, landing a headshot on a fast moving animal is very hard, especially with all the adrenaline causing your hand to shake.

#5 Bluegrass Conspiracy Reference

According to IMDb, the story in the movie is based on a book called “Bluegrass Conspiracy”, a story which revolves around drugs, corruption, money, and a dead bear. It is set in the late 70’s and early 80’s and it involve several powerful members of Kentucky families and government. The IMDb Trivia section mentions that this Bluegrass Conspiracy Story is all true but is very fictionalized in the story of the book.

If you wish to buy and read the book, you can buy it on Amazon for around $20.


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