Top 10 Crazy Facts About the New Netflix Slumberland Movie

Slumberland is the new Netflix hit in 2022, it features the dreamy adventures of a young girl named Nemo as she slips into a fantasy world of dreams. The movie is coated with several fun facts which you must know. Check them all out by reading our list of fun facts below.

#1 Canada Exclusive

Originally, the film was scheduled to be made on June 2020, however, the global pandemic (Covid-19) had forced the film team to improvise. They had to reschedule their work in 2021. Because of the global pandemic, there was limited access to venues, forcing the team to film exclusively only in Canada.

The filming area is located only in Ontario, Canada. According to PhilstarLife, some of these locations includes the east-west road Front Street in downtown Toronto, Fairmont Royal York Luxury Hotel and Pinewood Toronto Studios.

Indoor shots for several scenes were film on the Fairmont Royal York Luxury Hotel, while most of the CGI captures were originally edited from shots taken at Pinewood Toronto Studios.

#2 Clocks by Coldplay

One of the Netflix trailers of the show uses a slowed instrumental version of Clocks by Coldplay. If you go to Youtube Netflix Slumberland Official Trailer at timestamp 0:25 and listen carefully to the background music, you can hear that it is indeed the slowed down version of the instrumental in the song “Clocks” by Coldplay.

“Clocks” by Coldplay catered to over 404 million views on their official music video on Youtube alone. The Official Video was posted on Youtube back in 2011, and the song had been out since 2002, as a part of one of their albums “A Rush of Blood to the Head”. You can check the album out on Spotify if you are interested.

#3 Name Sounds Familiar

Phillip, the father of Nemo, is directly represented in the dream world as the character “Flip”. Opposed to the original comic strip “Little Nemo in Slumberland”, this direct parallel is not derived from the comic strip, instead it is something that was added to show.

#4 The Original Comic Difference

The Netflix movie Slumberland, is heavily derived from a 1905 comic strip called “Slumberland the Dreamworld”, it is considered as the magnum opus of the American cartoonist Winsor McCay. The movie however, does not strictly follow the original source; there are tons of alterations and twists added to the show.

In the original comic strip, Nemo is not a girl, Flip is not some weird big guy with horns, and instead he is more of a green-masked, slob clown who keeps chewing cigars. These are only some of the differences between the movie and the comic. According to PhilstarLife, in the comics, the pig didn’t exist, and in the movie, there were other characters that got excluded like Candy Kid, The Princess, Doctor Pill, as well as mythological characters like Morpheus, Sandman, Cupid, Father Time, and Santa Claus.

#5 Alter-Egos

As a fun fact, people who are inside the Slumberland are often very different compared to their real life persona. As mentioned to be a “Brick Joke” on TV Tropes, one example of this phenomenon is when Flip and Nemo met a Latina dancer wearing seductive clothes in the dreamworld. Later, it was then revealed that the Latina dancer was actually a nun in real life, and that she had been dreaming while she was in prayer.

#6 The Bad Guy

Flip, in the original comics, and in the Villains Fandom, is categorized as a villain. He is known be an “evil-doer” trickster who causes mischief around Slumberland. This difference is very drastic compared to the Flip in the movie, who seems to be so helpful despite being somewhat narcissistic1.

#7 Goblin to Satyr

Flip in the comics has a short height and a fat body. He is more akin to a goblin/human. With the movie adaptation from Netflix, this physical appearance is highly altered. Jason Momoa, the actor who plays Flip gives the character a very tall height, but the fat abdomen is still kept. In the film however, he is more like a Satyr or a Goat-man with the horns.

#8 Flips’ Height Change

In the comics, Flip appears to be roughly the same height as Nemo. Nemo’s (comic) exact age is not clarified but he appears to be a child somewhere around age of 7 or 8. We deduce that this similarity would give Flip an estimated height of around 47 to 54 inches since according to ChildrenSWI, a healthy 8 year old male will have a height average range of around 47 to 54 inches.

When we compare the height difference of Flip in the comic to the Flip in the Netflix Movie, played by Jason Momoa, there is an absurdly large difference. Momoa himself is a very huge guy, he has a height of 193cm or around 76 inches. That gives us a 22 inch height difference between Comics Flip and Movie Flip, Jason Momoa! To add to that, IMDb Trivia about the movie mentions specifically that Flip in the movie is actually a 9 foot tall “half-man half-beast”, increasing the scale difference to around 53 inches!

To put this height difference into perspective, you can use the Hikaku Sitatter Height Comparison Chart Tool. Input 274cm and 137cm side by side and see the height difference between comic Flip and movie Flip.

#9 Hippity Hoppity, Your Comic Idea is Now My Property

The movie Slumberland is heavily based on Winsor McCay’s comics strip, however, there is not a single onscreen credit given to McCay throughout the movie.

The settings, theme, and general idea may have had been heavily modified but all in all it is still based on McCay’s premise. If the dude hears about this he would be rolling over his grave.

#10 Lighthouse Parallel

According to IMDb Trivia, Jason Momoa, the actor for Flip, is also the same guy who played Aquaman in the Aquaman series. When Aquaman was a kid, he and his father lived together in a lighthouse, this same situation also applies to Nemo in the Slumberland movie.



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