Top 20 Crazy Facts about “Kayara” Movie

#1 The character named Kayara will try to break the rules of the Chasqui Messengers, an elite, male-only league of official messengers in the Incan Empire, since she wants to be one of them which is not possible her being a woman based on Collider. The story tells more about an empowered woman.

#2 Kayara’s story is centuries-old but can easily resonate with today’s audiences according to Collider. It was estimated to be 500 years ago but Kayara’s epic journey follows situations and characters that can be easily identified by today’s audience.

#3 The language used by the characters is Spanish as stated on Collider. As a matter of fact, the producers are very honored to bring it to life in our Spanish-speaking animation industry.

#4 “Kayara” is on a hot sales streak, striking deals way in advance of its completion according to Yahoo!. Moreover, it was mentioned also in the same site that 18 blue chip distributors from around the world have already signed up for the rights to the Peruvian animated feature.

#5 “Kayara” is also produced by Peru’s Tunche Films, the company behind “Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon,” which sold out worldwide and grossed over $13 million at the box office during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to CMG according to Variety.

#6 Kayara’s “tale of self-awareness, identity, and discovery empowers its audience to honor indigenous traditions while creating new ones” as stated on Variety makes it quite an interesting movie to watch.

#7 The most interesting thing about “Kayara” Movie is about the ancient myth of how the Golden City, that is still undiscovered today, was protected and hidden from the great dangers of exploitation and stolen resources by an unsung hero of the Incan Empire according to Cinema Management Group.

#8 Kayara is a cinema in Peru, the industry that is constantly growing today despite the pandemic. Nevertheless, a Peruvian film is being made in 3D, which will take the Inca Empire as its scenery according to Domiruth Peru Travel.

#9 Toonz teams up with Tunche Films and CMG for “Kayara” to be produced according to Toonz.

#10 CMG has already pre-sold Kayara to 15 international distributors including Le Pacte (France), WW Entertainment (Benelux), Praesens (Switzerland), Front Row (Middle East), Rialto Distribution (Australia/New Zealand) and CDC (Latin America) among others. The family feature is set to release in 2024 based on Toonz.

#11 Kayara’s height is estimated to be 5 feet and 4 inches as stated on Endless Awesome. It was only an estimation of her height which was compared to teenager of her age.

#12 Kayara is the main antagonist of the movie and she was describes as a beautiful and athletic 16-year woman destined to be the first female to break into the exclusive league of official messengers of the Incan empire based on Releases.

#13 As mentioned on Releases, Kayara knows a secret which is the location of the Golden City, a mysterious place where no one ever knows and they say that it has a lot of treasure.

#14 Kayara has similarities with the character from Reflection Movie. The reason for that is that she was race in front of the Incan Emperor, she dresses as a man at first, but when her true identity is revealed and she is on the edge of being punished according to Releases.

#15 Kayara’s visual approach is inspired by stunning Peruvian Machu Picchu landscapes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World according to Variety.

#16 The “Kayara” Movie is a pride of Cinema Management Group (CMG) since it has inked multiple new sales deals for César Zelada’s sophomore feature “Kayara,” an animated teen-empowerment fable produced by Lima-based Tunche Films in co-production with India’s Toonz Media Group via its Canary Islands-based Fortoon Island.

#17 According to Variety, “Mis. Label Aps has acquired “Kayara” for Scandinavia, Films4You for Portugal, Bir for Turkey, Bohemia for Czech and Slovak Republics, Blitz for Ex-Yugoslavia, Five Star for Israel, Muse for Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, Falcon for Indonesia, and Mongol Films Distribution for Mongolia.”

#18 Although the characters are Incan, the language used in the movie is English according to Digit Binge.

#19 The main antagonist of the movie, Kayara, seems to be a healthy 16-year old girl with 5 feet and 4 inches height so, her ideal weight would probably be 105 lbs based on the computation from National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

#20 Kayara has a pet animal which is a cute guinea pig based on the trailer on YouTube.





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