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Top 30 Crazy Facts about “Strange World” Movie

#1 “Strange World” is not originally the title of the movie. The working title of the film is “Searcher Clade” which was revealed last August 2021. However, On December 8, 2021, the official logo for the film, with the updated title of Strange World, was published on Disney’s press platform according to Disney Fandom.

#2 “Strange World” introduces a visually rich, stunning new land that is probably the reason why they changed the title from “Searcher Clade” based on the statement on NY Post.

#3 “Strange World” was directed by Disney veteran Don Hall, of Big Hero 6, written by Raya and the Last Dragon’s Qui Nguyen. Ironically, the expectation of Disney for it to be high grossing was a failure because the movie was expected to lose $100 million according to CNN Entertainment.

#4 The movie demonstrates the Mouse House’s renewed commitment to LGBTQ representation by showcasing the first out gay teenager, Ethan Clade, in a Disney cartoon feature based on Yahoo.

#5 According to The Wall Street Journal, lack of enthusiasm turns out to be the correct mood in which to approach “Strange World,” a low-thrills adventure set in Avalonia, a secret civilization hidden in the mountains because the reviews are showing that the movie is mediocre.

#6 “Strange World” is turning out to be one of the biggest bombs in the history of the studio’s founding division according to Yahoo! Entertainment since it has earned less than the money spent for its released or production.

#7 The “Strange World” Movie is the first Walt Disney Animation film to fail to earn an A or A- on CinemaScore based on the statement on Yahoo! Entertainment. Women giving the film big thumbs up with a 91% overall positive rating while men over 25 were far more tepid with a 66% overall positive rating.

#8 Simon Abrams said that “Strange World breezes through a checklist of formulaic plot points and canned emotional revelations with enough style and sensitivity to make it work” from Rotten Tomatoes.

#9 As stated on TMZ, The “Strange World” created a theory that Disney could use the poor performance as rationale to not include LGBTQ characters going forward since the movie has poor reviews to the audiences.

#10 Bob Chapek became Disney’s CEO in 2020, suggesting he may have shifted the studio’s theatrical focus away from animated features and relegated them to streaming releases on Disney+ instead according to Screen Rant that makes the “Strange World” failed to applaud the audiences.

#11 The characters of the story are called the “Legendary Clades” which is their surname. The legendary Clades are a family of explorers whose differences threaten to topple their latest and most crucial mission. They are namely Jaeger, Searcher, Ethan, and Meridian.

#12 Ethan Clade is the son of Searcher and Meridian that is describes as a fourteen-year-old wise guy according to Collider.

#13 Looking on their photos on Collider, obviously, Ethan Clade is the shortest among the Clade family being their only child. Moreover, Ethan could be seen as a little shorter of height with his mother so, he is probably 5 feet and 3 inches tall.

#14 According to With Ashely and Co, “Ethan’s dog Legend is a three-legged, lovable, scene-stealing fluff ball. Originally Legend was not going to be in the movie, after all they already had Splat, but when a Disney legend told director Don Hall he needed a dog the rest was history.”

#15 Meridian is the mother of Ethan Clade who is a little bit taller than her son. Also, we estimated her height to be a Black American woman based on her physical features that can be seen on Collider. So, she is probably 5 Feet and 4 inches according to Black Statistics Info.

#16 Searcher Clade is a white American man as shown on the images on IMDb. On the other hand, when it comes to his height, he is taller than Ethan and Meridian. So, we estimated his height to be 3 inches taller than Meridian that could probably be 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

#17 The grandfather of Ethan Clade is Jaeger that looks like a giant man based on his image on IMDb. He is the tallest person among the Legendary Clades and he is probably 5 inches taller than his son, Searcher, so he is probably 6 feet and 2 inches tall.

#18 Callisto Mal is the fierce president of Avalonia. She previously worked with Jaeger Clade as one of his former exploration teammates according to Looper. On the other hand, she is taller than Searcher Clade but a little shorter than Jaeger. So, we estimated her height to be 6 feet tall.

#19 The Legendary Clades together with Callisto Mal used a gian airship called the “Venture”. It was owned by Callisto Mal according to Wiki.

#20 Being a gay character, Ethan is Walt Disney Animation Studios’ first openly LGBTQ teenaged character according to Wiki.

#21 The land of Avalonia was given an orange-and-white color scheme to contrast with the titular strange world, for which the filmmakers chose red and magenta.

#22 Strange World was not released theatrically in some regions due to the inclusion of a gay main character, Ethan Clade. This was done to prevent those regions’ censorship of LGBTQ+ references, as a main storyline in the film revolves around Ethan having a crush on another boy.

#23 Following its poor opening weekend, Variety and Deadline Hollywood estimated the film would lose the studio $100–147 million.

#24  Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of “B” on an A+ to F scale, while those at PostTrak gave it an overall positive score of 82%, including an average four out of five stars.

#25 Lovia Gyarke of The Hollywood Reporter was amazed by the visuals and writing. He said that it was “meticulously and wondrously rendered by the Strange World animators, who drew much of their inspiration from pulp magazines of the 30s and 40s.”

#26 Odie Henderson of The Boston Globe commended the film’s environmental and father-son messages, as well as the “excellent voice-over work plus the score by Henry Jackman make the preachiness palatable and the film fun.”

#27 Strange World is the first film to feature the commemorative 100th anniversary Disney logo in celebration of the company‘s centennial in 2023, created by Disney Studios Content and Industrial Light & Magic based on Wiki.

#28 The ages of Searcher and Meridian are estimated to be 40s since they are the parents of Ethan Clade, a LGBTQ+ teenager as emphasize by the film.

#29 Being the grandfather of Ethan, obviously, Jaeger Clade is a senior citizen so we estimated his age to be 70s as you can see on Collider.

#30 Callisto Mal is quite younger than Jaeger but older than Searcher and Meridian so we estimated her age to be 60s.


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