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Top 30 Crazy Facts about “Ainbo:Spirit of the Amazon” Movie

#1 The name Ainbo is based on a local Peruvian dialect for “little girl.”

#2 The movie “Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon” is originated in Peru and one of Peru’s leading visual effects studio, Tunche Films will be the main animation production studio located in Miraflores to animate Peruvian feature film.

#3 The animated movie adventure tackles the destruction of the environment head-on. Ainbo joins the likes of Studio Ghibli’s Pom Poko and Nausicaa of The Valley of the Wind in highlighting the urgent need to save the environment as stated by Tom Cassidy from Rotten Tomatoes.

#4 The movie “Ainbo:Spirit of the Amazon” will show the Amazon’s honest, authentic and faithful features since the ideas are coming from the indigenous viewpoint as what the Director of the movie stated on Wiki.

#5 The theme song for the film is “AINBO Spirit of the Amazon Movie Song” composed by three composers: Carlos Eduardo, Jose Antonio and performed by Maritza Rodriguez.

#6 The movie has a special message to everyone about saving the environment. As mentioned on MSN, the film has powerful message about the importance of protecting our environment and the Amazon’s diverse species.

#7 Common Sense says that Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon is suitable for ages 8 years old and above since they can  relate and understand more about the message of this animated adventure movie.

#8 The animated movie is not produced by Disney productions but Cinema Management Group (CMG), an executive production Hollywood group from Beverly Hills, agreed to produce and distribute the film

#9 The original story is by José Zelada while the producers will be the Zelada brothers as well as Richard Claus. Zelada family has a deep-rooted history with the Amazon rain forest since they are acquainted living in a small village similar to the story line of Ainbo the main character of the film. They and their family lived close to the Ucayali River at Pucallpa in the Amazon Basin during the 1980s.

#10 The “Ainbo:Spirit of the Amazon” movie was released in Ukraine on 13 February 2021.

#11 The script of “Ainbo:Spirit of the Amazon” focuses on the effects of deforestation and extinction on an uncharted rain forest civilization which are the common problems that the world faces today.

#12 Aside from the Spirit Guide of Ainbo, one of the major spirit animals highlighted is the benevolent Mother spirit of the Amazon: Turtle Motelo Mama described in lore as a giant turtle that protects the Amazon biosphere.

#13 The project was a multi-continental collaboration according to Animation Magazine since Zelada led a team of Peruvian artists to develop the visuals of the film, including characters, landscapes and the look and feel of this special world. Later on, the film was animated in the Netherlands, led by Claus.

#14 Zelada, the director of “Ainbo:Spirit of the Amazon”, was inspired by his mother to create the characters of the film. Moreover, his family lived in Amazon for months to know how people lived in the area. So, they can relate to the life of the people in Amazon.

#15 Amsterdam’s Katuni studio was the producer of “Ainbo:Spirit of the Amazon” animation using the Autodesk Maya.

#16 The film is a $10 million-budgeted movie and the producers and directors are confident with high hopes for their labor of love.

#17 “Ainbo” was picked up by CMG in January 2017 off the first edition of Ventana Sur Animation!, where Tunche Films presented a teaser promo according to Variety.

#18 As stated by Noeltner, “Ainbo” is CMG’s best, pre-selling animated feature since it started licensing animated films in 2004 based on Variety. So, the movie has catch a lot of the audience attention and interests.

#19 The story of Ainbo is a true story according to Ainbo Movie. It is a heartwarming story from the heart of the indigenous people and their fight to protect their land.

#20 Ainbo is the main antagonist of the movie which has an estimated height of 5 feet & 2 inches according to Endless Awesome since she looks taller that his spirit friend Armadillo that estimated to be 4 feet tall according to Animals.

#21 Zumi is one of the friends of Ainbo who is taller than her as we can see on the poster on IMDb. So, she probably is 5 feet and 4 inches tall.

#22 Dillo is estimated to be 4 feet tall based on Animals since we compared his height to the real life animal he portrays.

#23 Vaca is a goofy oversized tapir that quite tall compared to Ainbo based on the poster on IMDb. So, he probably is 6 feet tall.

#24 Ainbo is a 13-year old girl from the uncharted civilization of Candámo, hidden in the deepest jungles of Amazon based on Wiki.

#25 Zumi looks a little bit older than Ainbo so, she is probably 15-year old girl.

#26 As said by Noeltner, chief of CMG, “Ainbo was the most commercial and attractive animation project we’d seen in a while.”

#27 The cast of the “Ainbo:Spirit of the Amazon” includes mythological creatures from rainforest legend and importantly, it’s told from the perspective of indigenous characters according to The Guardian.

#28 Ainbo is only an apprentice hunter from a tribe deep in uncharted rainforest but she strikes out on her own to save the village.

#29 The tattooes which has vivid patterns and the intricate costumes of Candamo’s royals, warriors and hunters have to contend with a generic plot that turns its complex subject matter and distinct characters into a predictable naptime preamble as mentioned by Beandrea July on Rotten Tomatoes.

#30 As stated by James Croot, “The directors, who also serve as two of the movie’s five writers, ensure the action never drags, their bright, chunky visuals offering lots of knockabout fun, even if the story does sometimes feel a little too earnest” based on Rotten Tomatoes.


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