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The “Sing” Characters in Real Life (Animals)

The Sing Movie is an animated film about animals that performs on stage through their dancing and singing skills. They are like human beings because they can also talk. Here are the main characters of the movie and the real-life animals they are based.

1. Buster Moon – Male Koala

Image Sources: Sing Fandom Wiki & Fauna Focus

2. Johnny – Male Gorilla

Image Sources: Sing Fandom & Wild Life World

3. Ash – Female Porcupine

Image Sources: Sing Fandom & Shepreth Wildlife Park

4. Meena – Female Elephant

Image Sources: Sing Fandom & Elephant Hills

5. Gunter – Male Pig

Image Sources: Sing Fandom & Exporters India

6. Rosita – Female Pig

Image Sources: Sing Fandom & Dreams Time

7. Nana Noodleman – Female Black Suffolk Sheep

Image Source: Sing Fandom & Pinterest

8. Clay Calloway – Male Lion

Image Sources: Sing Fandom & Wallpaper


Sing Fandom Wiki Buster Moon

Fauna Focus Male Koala

Sing Fandom Johnny

Wild Life World Male Gorilla

Sing Fandom Ash

Shepreth Wildlife Park Female Porcupine

Sing Fandom Meena

Elephant Hills Female Elephant

Sing Fandom Gunter

Exporters India Male Pig

Sing Fandom Rosita

Dreams Time Female Pig

Sing Fandom Female Black Suffolk Sheep

Pinterest Nana Noodleman

Sing Fandom Clay Calloway

Wallpaper Male Lion

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