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The Octonauts Blue Whales in Real Life

On the Octonauts season 1 episode 23, Blue Whales become the main animal topic when the noise generated from the Octopod started to disrupt the Whales.

As can be seen on our image comparison, the blue whales in the Octonauts show are represented with a more highlighted chin, in real life, the color of the Blue Whale’s chin does not have much of a difference compared to its overall body skin color, however, their linings are much more visible. Aside from their chin and color comparison, the cartoon version of the Blue Whale represents a much more visible upper fin compared to the real thing.

As a fun fact for both real life and the show, the Blue Whales, in real life are the biggest mammals in recorded history, while in the Octonauts show, the Blue Whales were also the biggest animal included in the animation. However, when compared to the scale model of the Colossal Squid in the show, the Blue Whale appears to be smaller, despite them being the biggest animal in the series.

With an astounding average weight of around 150 tons, the Blue Whale has the same average weight as a Boeing 787-9. Their size will requires them to consume lots of energy and calorie, in just one day, they can consume an average of 40 million krills. Undoubtly, Blue Whales are magnificent beauties and an astounding gift of nature.


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